FCR cab setting – test run on the expressway and Kizuna Stadium in Iwakuni

HONDA CBX - Iwakuni Kizuna Stadium FCR
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FCR cab setting – test run on the expressway and Kizuna Stadium in Iwakuni

A Saturday Night meeting will be held at Kizuna Stadium in Iwakuni from 19:00 on October 22, 2022.
This is a local event sponsored by an individual.
Along the way, I also took a test run of the FCR while checking various air-fuel ratio gauges.
I drove while paying particular attention to the effectiveness of the accelerator pump.
It was a great time to ride a motorcycle, so I had a lot of fun riding it.
The setting for the low throttle opening was not good.
This is probably due to the change in the season or because I finished setting up in a half-finished state last time.

Impressions of FCR test run

It was a time when there was no time left until it got dark.
Do not touch the screws.
As for my impressions, there is a lean moment when I start off in gear [2].
That part is very noticeable.
I think the cause may be that I delayed the discharge timing of the accelerator pump the other day.
The default is 0.6mm, but currently it is 1.7mm.
We have a late discharge period.
In the MJ main jet area, I did a test run while paying attention to the effectiveness of the accelerator pump and checking the feeling of fully opening the throttle.
Today we are focusing on the accelerator pump.
I took a test drive while focusing on the effectiveness of the accelerator pump.
I'm looking at the air-fuel ratio meter reading when I open the throttle quickly.
It seems to be fine after the throttle opening is 1/2.
MJ also has a value of 130th when shipped, but currently it is 125th.
The value shown by the air-fuel ratio meter is also in the upper 11s, so it doesn't seem to be bad.
The MJ also changes the feeling around 1/2 throttle opening, so I would like to install something as large as possible. I'll run a little more distance and think about it.

[Current settings]
AS-2.00 minutes
PS-3.00 minutes

Acceleration pump diaphragm KLX250
Acceleration pump discharge timing 1.7mm
AS Uotani SP2-Ignition [1]

I will try changing SJ to 45 or 48.
I'm thinking of trying a lower throttle opening where the accelerator pump won't work if the throttle opening is less than 3/8.
What I discovered was not that I used the expressway.
I learned that I need to check starting in gear [2] next time.
When I usually check the starting setting, I don't check until starting in gear [2].

Iwakuni Kizuna Stadium

It will be held at 7pm at Kizuna Stadium in Iwakuni. I arrived at 6:30 pm and there was no one there.
I tried contacting the organizer by phone.
It seems that 30 minutes before is too early.
This time around 20 bikes were in attendance, including many Harley-style bikes.
Since it is close to a US military base, there were some people working at the base.
Overall, I get the impression that there are a lot of older motorcycles. There was only one latest motorcycle, the CB1000R, which had a street fighter look.
There were also several motorcycles with offset rocket cowls.
I had come alone, so I was walking home alone, and we passed each other on the expressway SA.
It seemed to be securely fixed enough to ride on the expressway.
Offset rocket cowls are difficult to install on many bikes.
It seemed to be firmly attached to the point where I could drive on the expressway.
*My CBX has the genuine stay attached to the base, so there is no unreasonable installation method.

FCR cab setting – test run on the expressway and Kizuna Stadium in Iwakuni【summary】

The meeting itself ended in a quiet manner, with no fuss or no-fail runs.
When I go a little further afield, I often use the expressway.
I am doing a test run of the CBX, which can only be done on the expressway.
You can check the fuel consumption by speeding up or driving at the same pace all the time.
I usually drive on general roads.
When using the expressway, please be aware of the FCR test drive, which can only be done there.
As a result, the period when you can enjoy motorcycling will be shortened.
Please be careful of accidents and troubles.
See you again!
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