Should I change the taper angle and cut-up of FCR? Check the number of clip stages first.

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Should I change the taper angle and cut-up of FCR? Check the number of clip stages first.

This time I will write in a column. The other day, I had a little conversation about the FCR tunings with the divine engineer who gave me two engines for my CBX free of charge.
"JN checks the number of clip stages before checking the taper angle"
They said.
According to the master, it is natural that the clip position will change if you change the taper.
If you don't purchase a jet needle based on that, it will be a waste of money.
When it comes to the number of clip stages, you need to understand the upper and lower limits of the bad range.
It was a story that I had to decide for myself.

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Comparison of FCR-jet needle cut-up. Let’s take a look at the thickness of the small standard 90FXM and 90FTM.

If you only look at the number of clip stages when looking at a low opening, this area will have a similar effect.
To begin with, since the taper angle is different, the feeling when opening the throttle will be different.
Suitable MJs are different, so you should think of them as different things.
The introduction is a little long, but what I want to write is:
The story is that it is better to check the number of clip stages first and then touch the taper angle.
① Check the upper and lower limits of the number of clip stages with the current JN jet needle
②It depends on the desired feeling, but it should be about 1 to 3 degrees below the upper limit for leaning.
The number of clip stages is appropriate.
③ If there is no option to cut up, change the taper angle to set the upper limit of the number of clip stages.
If you change the taper angle, you may also need to change MJ, so pinpoint the
I don't feel like changing just the taper angle will work.

Upper and lower limits of the number of clip stages for CBX jet needles

Based on 90FTM
The upper limit
It feels a little sluggish.
The rounding up is considered to change by 0.5 steps for each letter of the alphabet.
Considering 90FTM conversion, 0 is also considered as 1 stage.
That's the upper limit.
The lower limit is changed
Because it becomes impossible to blow around the area,
The lower limit is around 90FTM#7.

Which JN jet needle can be used with CBX?

The initial JN of the current CBX BITO FCR is
It looks like 90FXM#3 is included.
I am in a situation where I cannot choose JN except by playing around with the number of clip stages.
If you want to change the taper angle
I think it will be.
The straight diameter is written in M for convenience.
The straight diameter seemed to change by about 1 clip stage when changing the 4th position, so I don't think it will have much of an effect.
Of course, there are individual differences between motorcycles, so it is difficult to say with certainty.
When I tried adjusting the number of clip stages up and down to the limit with the tunings that I currently think are the best,
You should be able to get a glimpse of the appropriate JN.
I think that the appropriate JN for my CBX is probably around FZQ.
Currently, we are using 90FXM as it is a custom-made thread that is not available in standard stock.
I think if I go with the above, I might try a JN around 90 GTQ,
The current FCR tunings are not bad, so I will use 90FXM for the time being.

For FCR beginners – touch the number of clip stages anyway

The number of clip stages will not break if you touch them, so feel free to touch them.
You can enjoy the difference not by being lean or rich, but by changing the driving feeling.
Also, you'll be lucky if you raise or lower the number of clips too much and you can't get the ball to blow properly.
From now on, you will no longer need to select the number of clip stages. The tuning is a fun range to drive in, where it's hard to tell whether it's in good or bad condition. If you know for sure what is going wrong, you won't have to consider that as an option in the future.
*It is better to check only in rare cases without completely rejecting the request.
You can easily see the defective range with the number of clip stages, so I recommend tinkering with it.

Should I change the taper angle and cut-up of FCR? Check the number of clip stages first.【summary】

There are two reasons why I suddenly started paying attention to the number of clip stages.
① Changed the ignition timing of AS Uotani SP2.
②Move the throttle holder to high throttle.
Because of these two points, I was very concerned about the overheating and ended up trying various things.
I haven't compared it with other CBXs, so I can't find an answer.
Also, if I notice something or touch FCR, I will record it on my blog as a history.
I hope you all have a fun FCR life!
See you again!

reference image

This is a photo when comparing calipers with 2.6. I think this will be helpful when changing the taper angle or cutting edge.
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