FCR Tuning – Apply filter oil to the ram air filter at the end

HONDA CBX-FCR Air Screw Maintenance
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FCR Tuning – Apply filter oil to the ram air filter at the end

When I'm tuning my FCR, I often test drive it with funnel specifications. The reason is that it is a hassle to attach and detach the ram air filter when turning the air screw.
This time, the screw adjustment has been completed to some extent, so when installing the ram air filter,
I applied filter oil.
I felt like it was lacking in oil.
The appropriate amount of filter oil should be enough so that the oil does not spill out.
Even if the ram air filter is installed and driven with oil applied, it will not affect tuning excessively.
If it doesn't affect your tuning, it's better to have it installed.
I can feel the difference in the response when I open the throttle.
The correct expression is that there is no significant effect on the air-fuel ratio.
There may be a big difference in the full open range and high rotation range.
It's not a big difference for street use.
I always have a ram air filter on.
Remove the air screw only if you know you will be turning it frequently.
I always use filter oil.
Some riders don't like the filter oil on their pants when using a horizontal carburetor.
I don't care.
Also, the life of the ram air will be extended.
If you use it without applying filter oil.
Mwea rots like powder due to the blown back gasoline.
I apply filter oil to extend the life of the ram air.

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FCR – tunings when installing ram air filter

How to apply filter oil

I put it in a large plastic bag and put some filter oil into the ram air.
After applying the oil, squeeze the ram air slightly to avoid damaging it.
When I wash it, I wash it with a neutral detergent. I always try to keep it moist with oil. Spray type filter oil is also available.
It can also be applied while attached to the carburetor.
However, if you remove it from the motorcycle, you can apply the appropriate amount.

For FCR beginners – no funnel specifications, no net filters

Net filter is also bad. Fine sand and dust will enter.
It seems that it will drastically shorten the life of the carburetor and engine.
If you have overhauled your FCR even once, you will want to install an air filter.
Riders who are not sensitive to installing air filters are either people who can disassemble an engine with a calm face or are new to FCR.
In particular, most motorcycles with FCR, TMR, and CR carburetors are old.
If you are not racing, you should install an air filter.
Some people install FCR because they don't have a normal carburetor.
Considering that there are few engine parts, you should add an air filter.
Without an air filter, damage will accumulate little by little.
Manufacturers also do not like the fact that there is no air filter.
Manufacturers include an air cleaner box as standard.
In the long term, the funnel specification will cause considerable damage to the engine.
Prevents intrusion problems such as rain and water.
It is also a good idea to avoid using net-like filters. Fine dust gets in.
If the net filter is excellent, the manufacturer will initially equip it.
By the way, the pitch of the carburetor on CBX is too narrow, so you can't use the ram air filter without cutting the funnel. Please only use aluminum funnels as a fashionable item. I'm a beginner when it comes to installing filters, so I don't know much about it.
As mentioned above, if you have ever overhauled a carburetor, you will want to install a filter.
I am disassembling it myself.
I am overhauling it myself so that I can use FCR.
I also don't like the wear and tear on the body.
I don't want the engine to break down either.
We strongly recommend installing an air filter even before you know anything about carburetors.

Reasons why the engine or carburetor breaks down or malfunctions

Speaking of FCR, if fine sand gets into the sliding part around the throttle valve bearing, it will shorten the life of the body.
In the case of an engine, it may cause damage to the cylinder and accelerate wear.
I get sad when I imagine dead insects and fine sand accumulating inside the FCR.
At least in the summer, there is a high possibility that you are inhaling dirt and insects that stick to the front of your motorcycle or car.
Imagine repeating this for several years and tens of thousands of kilometers.
I get scared.

FCR Tuning – Apply filter oil to the ram air filter at the end【summary】

It's not just about motorcycles, but when faced with judgment criteria and choices,
It would be better if it was decided by majority or combined with the top class specifications.
Regarding the installation of the filter this time, most of the people who have touched the racing carburetor themselves,
It should be installed.
Motorcycles that are equipped for dress-up purposes may remain filterless.
It depends on the owner's mindset and the shop's mindset.
The filter is installed and there are few negatives.
There are some motorcycles that can be ridden for tens of thousands of kilometers without a filter without any trouble.
However, if a problem occurs, repairs will be necessary.
If you plan on riding your motorcycle for a long time, please consider installing a filter.
Then see you again!
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