FCR – tunings when installing ram air filter

Ram air filter used for 3 years FCR
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FCR – tunings when installing ram air filter

As I mentioned earlier, I can feel that funnel-spec motorcycles have overwhelmingly better intake efficiency.
In terms of actual tunings, if you're mainly on the street, the presence or absence of a filter doesn't seem to matter much.

When tuning up an FCR, you will always run into problems such as the characteristics of the ram air filter and funnel.
Is it better to add it? Is it okay not to wear it?
What are the advantages and disadvantages? This time, I would like to comment on this question as a rider who regularly uses ram air filters. There is more than one correct answer.
Please read at your own risk as this is written based on my personal opinion and may contain errors.

I will write my conclusion regarding the tunings with and without a ram air filter.
① There is no big change in the air-fuel ratio with or without the ram air filter.
② There is no need to change tunings depending on whether a ram air filter is used or not in the street area.

There is a noticeable difference in the blowout, but it is hard to say that there is a big difference when used on the street. It can be said that the benefit of engine protection is greater.
In order to protect the engine, I use a ram air filter except when tuning AS.
I will write about other things slowly while explaining them.

Maybe it affects the power at full throttle?

If you remove the air cleaner or use a power filter in the moped class,
The revving up and the feeling of power increases so much that you can feel it.
I think there is a fairly big change in the throttle wide open range.
Even if you gain several horsepower in the wide-open throttle range, it may be difficult to notice the difference unless you frequently drive at full throttle on circuits.

3 year old ram air filter

The ram air filter has been cleaned. It has been lightly used for 3 years.

Should I change the tunings if I install a ram air filter?

I haven't changed the tunings with or without the ram air filter.
My CBX has no tunings changed with or without a ram air filter.
It's so important that I wrote it twice.
You can't feel any change whether you wear it or not.
I feel like something is different, but is it different for the better? Is it different for the worse?
Or is it just my imagination? There may be differences that cannot be determined.
As a result, my CBX is equipped with a ram air filter most of the time.
Although it is not visible to the naked eye, there is no doubt that dust will not get into the engine.

Do I need to change the tunings if I apply filter oil?

Does applying filter oil to the ram air filter make a difference in driving?
I can't really feel any change.
Since you can't feel any change, filter oil is soaked into the ram air filter.
It's soaked in at a level that's generous.
Does the filter oil make a difference?
I couldn't feel any difference.
・Ram air genuine
I've tried both and can't feel any difference.
Based on this result, we applied filter oil and used a ram air filter.

Filter oil results

①Dust collection effect
②Measures against rainy weather
③Fire prevention measures
④ Measures against deterioration - Extends the life of the ram air filter
I will explain them step by step.

①Dust collection effect
The disadvantage is that it takes some time to apply oil.

②Measures against rainy weather
It definitely repels water. Doing experiments by purposely pouring water on them,
I do not drive during extremely rainy weather. However, in the case of my CBX, I have never been unable to drive it due to light rain.

③Fire prevention measures
I think this is the main purpose of applying filter oil.
Although it is not absolute, it has a flame retardant effect.
In some cases, it depends on the method of application, the period of time since the last application, and the environment.
there is. I can't say it's completely safe, but it is necessary to take precautions against motorcycle fires.

Generally, effects ① to ③ are commonly seen.

④ Measures against deterioration - Extends the life of the ram air filter
I recently had a chance to compare them, so I would like to write about them.
Motorcycle kept in garage, ram air filter used for 1 year, no filter oil.
The ram air filter had turned to powder and rotted away.
CBX has a ram air filter that has been kept in the garage for 3 years and has filter oil.
The ram air filter is still in use.
It is also influenced by usage, storage conditions, and the characteristics of the motorcycle.
If I use my CBX without filter oil, the ram air filter will disappear in a short period of time.
It had turned into powder and rotted away.

Disadvantages of ram air filter

It is easy to understand that the filter oil is attached to the thighs.
There are other things that can cause the filter to burn, so be careful.
You need to be careful about backfires and ignition caused by gasoline blowing back.
It depends on your mindset and degree, but the tunings may be significantly off or overflow.
It is a combination of several misfortunes, such as when you are on the verge of losing your life.
You shouldn't be optimistic, but if the tunings are not decided or the FCR is not in good condition,
Caution is required. It may be a good idea to use funnel specifications for a short period of time until you decide on the tunings. When I use AS continuously for a long time, I use funnel mode.

FCR-For Beginners-Let’s Attach a Filter!

Beginners often purchase FCR and have a shop wear it.
You should put some sort of filter on before you start driving.
At least once I have attached and detached the FCR and cleaned it myself.
Some people are a little hesitant about whether to ride a motorcycle with a funnel specification.
I've never ridden a motorcycle before it broke, but I'm pretty sure it's causing damage to the engine, big or small, or increasing the risk of foreign objects getting into it.
If you think about it, motorcycle carburetors always come with a filter when shipped from the manufacturer.

As an exception, mechanics who casually disassemble engines run with straight cabs. The second exception is that even if the motorcycle breaks down,
For those who can afford it quickly, go for the direct cab specification.
We will not meet any exceptional riders.

FCR – tunings when installing ram air filter【summary】

There are some things that can only be known by a test drive. On the other hand, there are some things you won't know from a test run.
The presence or absence of the ram air filter this time is a difference that cannot be noticed on a test run.
I think it's something that can be determined by putting it on a Dynojet and measuring it.
When I was a teenager, I removed the air cleaner box on my moped and changed it to a funnel specification.
I remember that the power increased so much that I could feel it. At least remove the ram air filter.
Therefore, I believe that power increases in areas that are difficult to experience.
If you cannot easily maintain your engine, you should take measures to protect it.
Once you try cleaning the ram air filter yourself, you will be surprised at how dirty it is.
I have written about the presence or absence of a ram air filter in my opinion.
Think about engine protection, including the advantages and disadvantages.
Please have a good FCR life.
See you again!
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