FCR-SJ count tuning – tuning parts list available

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FCR-SJ count tuning – tuning parts list available

*This is an image of the FCR tuning parts list.
I usually try to write my conclusion as quickly as possible, but the conclusion is still fluffy.
This is the state of being.
It's in the FCR manual. I bought and tried all of SJ's #35-#55.
Roughly speaking, the appropriate value for PS and AS screw return changes.
That's a vague conclusion.
Since AS, SJ, and PS have different areas of responsibility, it is difficult to generalize that there is a change in the screw return of AS and PS. If you change the straight diameter of JN for each count of SJ, the compatibility will be dramatically better.
Sometimes I felt it.
Currently, we are fixing PS from 1.0 minutes back to 1.15 minutes, so that the range of AS returns is within 1.30 minutes. By the way, when I was on the SJ-35, AS was about 10 to 15 minutes back.
It is about 1.30 minutes back with SJ-55. It's hard to say for sure since it depends on the oil level and PS.
I was able to reach at least 200km/h and the machine was not damaged.
According to the manual, the correct way to return the AS is to return it 1/2 turn to 3 turns. By the way, I
It is written in clock hands. It is expressed as 0.30 minutes = 1/2.
We will talk about tunings, but when touching AS, please assume that it is 6 cylinders and all return the same number.
FCR tuning parts list
FCR tuning parts list
tuning parts list.
The bottom of the SJ slow jet is 35.
From here, I changed the JN jet needle to about 10th and tried various things.
In some cases, the straight diameter of SJ and JN improved dramatically by combining them.
The scope of influence in the next section is also very relevant. The tuning ultimately comes down to the balance of the combination.
I haven't made any unusual combinations, so
I can't say anything, but with the combinations I used, there was no inability to drive or the engine to start.

Scope of influence of SJ

When you replace the SJ slow jet, the appropriate adjustment position of AS and PS will change relative to the motorcycle.
There is also the idea of replacing the SJ in order to guide the air screw and PS to the proper return position. JN is also included here, but basically you should select an SJ that allows AS and PS to be adjusted to appropriate positions.

Scope of influence of JN

It is better to ignore the taper and cut-up at the beginning and always use the same one.
For JN, you should mainly look at the straight diameter and the number of clip stages, but replacing SJ will have an effect.
In other words, this is an area that will be touched upon after SJ, AS, and PS are determined.
After determining SJ, AS, and PS, determine the straight diameter of JN and the number of clip stages, and then fine-tune AS.
It goes like this. Once you decide on SJ and PS, as a general rule, you don't have to touch them that often. AS can be touched even when there is a slight change in temperature.
You can ask AS to handle superficial adjustments that can be made in a short amount of time.

Changes after changing the SJ count

I am aware that there may be a change in the engine sound and the way it revs up.
But is it good? Is it bad? I couldn't make that judgment.
Currently, I am referring to the words of my predecessors and the contents of FCR articles written on the internet.
Fixed PS to return 1.0 minutes or 1.15 minutes. AS should be around 1.30 minutes back.
We select jets based on this premise.
Probably, selecting a jet in the area where AS is said to be 1.30 minutes return = 1 and 1/2 minutes return is,
It has the best balance.
When you finally get stuck, can you get 200km/h? We judge good and bad based on these criteria.

Work photo when SJ was #35

This is a photo when I rented a rental pit and changed SJ to 35.
After this, I changed the number of SJ in order on public roads and observed the changes.


Basically, you can leave it as it was when you bought it. AS is around 1/16 from the time of clutch meet,
The correct number is the number of returns that will allow you to start properly. If the area is within the range of 0.30 minutes = 1/2 return to 3 rotations, it is a proper SJ slow jet. By the way, tuning AS back too much will not improve it, so
I think it's best to open it to the point where you lose the sense of power.
Although it goes against the general rule, if you want to make adjustments near the clutch meet point, you can open or tighten the PS. PS is a screw that has limited influence on throttle opening.

FCR-SJ count tuning – tuning parts list available【summary】

We believe that due to the characteristics of the CBX engine, it is difficult to understand even if the screw return is changed for each cylinder.
If you have trouble tuning it up, can you get 200km/h with it? I touch on this idea based on this idea. I hope I can gain a little more experience and understand more things.
I hope everyone enjoys FCR life.
See you again!
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