Repaint-Illustration given when requesting

CBX400F Integra Cowl Cowl
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Repaint-Illustration given when requesting

I organized my Google Drive.
I found an illustration for the instructions I wrote when I requested the exterior repaint of my CBX.
I will write about it.
I will hire a repaint professional to do the job.
Professionals fulfill client orders while conducting interviews.
I'm working on a program.
I also create illustrations and make proposals to clients.
We also ask clients to write in handwritten notes what they want to achieve.
This makes the work much easier for the creator as it allows them to understand the other person's intentions.
When it comes to repainting, if you don't have an accurate drawing, it's easier to understand if you write an illustration.
Please see the photo to see how it turned out.

An illustration I drew before requesting a repaint.

The position at the end of the line is up to you.
Regarding the thickness and parallelism of the CBX lines, the genuine lines are not parallel, so I left it to a repaint shop.
Even if you leave it up to them, it doesn't mean you can fail.
We have confirmed that this does not mean that we can do whatever we want.
It is better to add text and detailed illustrations as a memo and hand it over.
I am writing this as an illustration, which is based on a photo of an injury.
A motivated professional will understand your intentions and deliver something you won't be embarrassed to wear.

Before and after repaint

Before and after photos of the repaint. Since the work is done at the same time as the tank and other exterior parts, there are no problems with the colors or lines. The trick to getting a good balance is to have the same professional do the work at the same time, rather than splitting the work up into parts.

Repainting costs, patterns and lines

If lines and stickers are on sale, it will be helpful for the repaint shop to get them yourself and then bring them in.
It is better to consult in advance regarding line etc. before placing an order.
Depending on the type of motorcycle and line, there may be a repaint shop on hand.
The repaint shop also does a professional job that you won't be ashamed of.
There are also repaint shops where the work is sometimes sloppy.
Instead of paying upfront, get a quote and pay later.
Or try paying half the price.
My CBX repaint cost about 100,000 yen.
That's a pretty low amount.
The quality was also good.
I tried to give him some extra money, but he didn't accept it, so I gave him a large amount of beer.

Repaint-Illustration given when requesting【summary】

At repaint shops, the quality of work varies significantly depending on the craftsman and the factory.
I once asked a repaint shop to do some work for me.
I asked him to please give me yen more than the estimated amount.
Still, the quality of the repaint was too poor.
I went to another repaint shop without making any complaints.
If a repaint shop or motorcycle shop is expensive, there is a strong tendency for the quality to be high as it is expensive.
If it's cheap, the quality is poor in some part.
The craftsman I asked to repaint my CBX was cheap, but with the condition that there would be no complaints.
This person was introduced to me by his friend. I heard he was a good man.
I made a request to that person.
Those who ride older motorcycles may be concerned about the quality of the exterior.
If you want to keep it original, you can buy another set and then repaint it.
Even if you have an old motorcycle, you can purchase the exterior parts at auction.
Please prepare for repainting little by little.
I hope you all have a fun DIY life!
See you again!

*I will add a repaint gallery at the bottom.

Repaint gallery

I will post photos of the repainted exterior on past pages.
The meter, engine guard, turn signal, and rear fender have also been repainted in gloss black.
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