I will write various things about the funnel of city riding-FCR. Talk about vertical orientation and processing, etc.

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I will write various things about the funnel of city riding-FCR. Talk about vertical orientation and processing, etc.

I am writing from the perspective of a city rider.
Racing-oriented motorcycles are also commonly specced without filters.
It's just as the title says. FCR funnels have a direction. please note.
If you end it with one line, it will end up being like, ``I should post it on Twitter.''
There are many riders who like FCR who modify the FCR funnel a little.
I won't write about funnels in detail, but
I will write to the best of my knowledge.
This is a useful blog post for those who have just made their FCR debut.

There are mainly two types of processing.

Processing the FCR funnel is not a fashionable process, but may be necessary in order to install it in a manner suitable for the vehicle. It can be operated without any processing, but it is better to do at least some processing.
In the first place, funnels are installed to control air flow, so cutting or drilling holes is not recommended. Depending on how it is processed, it will be more like a city ride than the ultimate racing idea. This process is generally done for convenience.
① How to make a hole in the funnel to make it easier to touch the air screw. Or how to cut the bottom part.
② How to cut the side to install the ram air.
There are roughly two types of processing that are applied to the FCR funnel.
FCR funnels have lengths.
In many cases, shorter funnels require processing.
I will briefly explain ① and ②.
First, let's talk about ①.
If you want to access the AS air screw with the funnel attached, you can cut the bottom of the funnel or
Processing such as drilling a hole at the bottom of the funnel is required.
If you are using the early 25mm red funnel, it will be difficult to turn the AS with the funnel attached. If it is a long funnel, it will be difficult to turn, but it is not impossible to turn it.

Next, let's talk about ②.
I have carried out this processing. It depends on the vehicle, but it is an essential process for my CBX. With the default FCR funnel, the left and right pitch (gap) is too narrow to allow ram air to cover the funnel. I cut only the right part of all six FCR pieces to widen the gap so I can install the ram air.
This is a process that becomes necessary when the above two points are required.

Installation of aluminum funnels on CBX is something to consider.

CBX requires consideration when installing aluminum funnels.
Aluminum funnels cost around 5,000 yen each. CBX requires 6 pieces, so it will cost around 30,000 yen. Since it is a stylish item, you want to avoid cutting or drilling holes, so you need to consider whether it is absolutely necessary for your CBX. Since it is a fashionable item, avoid sharpening it too much.

Funnel length – gain flow velocity

FCR funnels have various lengths even with optional parts.
In general, short funnels are suitable for high-speed driving. A longer funnel increases low speed torque...
I don't know if it's true or not. When the engine sucks in the air-fuel mixture, the longer the funnel, the faster the air-fuel mixture is sucked in. I can understand it if you say it logically, but if you ask me if there is any difference depending on the presence or absence of a funnel and its length, I have doubts.
I am installing a 50mm funnel.
At least if you know the above logic, you don't want to have no funnel.
The power filter specifications are not much different from those without a funnel, so it is difficult to say whether there is a funnel or not.
The motorcycle will run faster if you attach a funnel.
Another reason is that it is installed to install ram air.

The effect of fine wire mesh

Fine-mesh wire mesh has the effect of preventing backfire.
It doesn't seem like it's originally intended to prevent dust, but it also repels large particles.
Sometimes it is made by hand.
That's wonderful.
This will be disadvantageous in terms of gaining flow velocity.
It is necessary to consider whether to implement it.
There are also budget considerations.

Funnel installation on CBX FCR

My CBX's FCR funnel has the right side cut.
The reason is to make it easier to install ram air. Since it is a 50mm funnel, you can turn the air screw without any problems using a short flat head screwdriver. The reason all 6 are cut only on the right side is to make it easier to see the up and down orientation, and because any of the 6 can be installed anywhere from 1 to 6 on the carburetor. If it's true, the correct answer would be to use a dedicated cutting method for each cylinder,
I felt that the work efficiency would be poor, so I installed all 6 pieces by cutting only the right side as shown above.

No filter with red funnel for FCR beginners

I really hate riding on the street without a filter with the red funnel that came with the FCR when I bought it. The reason is that it looks like it was added without any thought.
It is good if you are installing a red funnel to install a ram air filter.
If you go through the trouble of installing the FCR yourself, you will feel that it is a good idea to attach the filter.
I believe that a motorcycle being ridden on the street with a red funnel FCR without a filter will accumulate a small amount of damage to the engine.

I will write various things about the funnel of city riding-FCR. Talk about vertical orientation and processing, etc.【summary】

FCR has the largest market share in the racing carburetor industry, so there are plenty of aftermarket parts available.
Especially regarding funnels, there are many interesting products being sold by various manufacturers and individuals.
Yoshimura-sama is sold,
Ultra-long funnels called dual stack funnels and bazooka funnels, funnel extension kits, funnels with spiral lines inside the funnel, various aluminum funnels, etc.
Roughly written, this is the situation. There are many other creative products as well.
Although I have mainly written about funnels, there may be some people who are worried about funnels and can't sleep at night.
Up to the above, you should have been able to write about the air intake port of the FCR throttle valve.
I'm sure you all spend your days worrying about funnels.
Please take care to avoid accidents when taking a test run at FCR.
See you again!
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