Adjust the balance of the multi-vacuum gauge

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Adjust the balance of the multi-vacuum gauge

CBX is a 6-cylinder multi-engine.
You will need to synchronize the carburetor. The other day, I adjusted the balance of the vacuum gauge for the first time in a while.
This time we'll be talking about multi-vacuum gauges for motorcycles.
I don't know if it's for cars. Most of the cars I touch now are injection cars.
Balance adjustment is to align the needles of each meter of the vacuum gauge uniformly.
Whether or not the actual negative pressure can be measured accurately is another matter. The requirement is synchronization of the carburetor, so the requirement is for the needle to point to the same value with the same strength.
Vacuum gauges often show different values on the first and second meter even if the negative pressure is the same.
I wasn't syncing.
If you look at past articles, it's not perfect, but I've written it roughly.
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The vacuum gauge will be difficult to adjust.

It's the vacuum gauge needle, but it goes out of order fairly quickly.
I put the vacuum gauge in my backpack, move it with the CBX, and then do the synchronization work.
At first, I did it every time, but maybe it was because I got used to tuning the FCR.
Anyway, I had to redo the tuning right away, and it kept getting sloppily synchronized.
Due to this situation, the time it took to adjust the balance of the vacuum gauge became a little longer.
By the way, in the photo I am adjusting the balance indoors, but I usually do it before synchronizing outside.
Originally, I was adjusting the balance frequently, so there were almost no things going wrong.
This is a situation where even if you adjust your balance outside, it will only take a short time.

Vacuum gauge is out of order even when shipped

Regarding the vacuum gauge, in my case, even if I bought it new, it went crazy from the first use.
The first thing to do after purchasing a vacuum gauge is to adjust the balance of the vacuum gauge.

How to adjust the balance of the vacuum gauge

I use a syringe-like cylinder that I bought at a hardware store to apply negative pressure.
Hoses, including joints, are purchased at home centers.
If you press the shaft at the base of the needle, the needle will move clockwise. When you widen the shaft, the hands move counterclockwise. Requires strong force. It's not a job that requires the use of any tools.
It takes some getting used to. The most difficult task is disassembling the vacuum gauge for the first time.
I am using 2 Daytona 4-gauge vacuum gauges and modifying them to 6-gauges.
Even though it's a modification, it's just 6 pieces lined up using the holders that were there from the beginning.
The most troublesome part of this modification was packing the two remaining meters when I sold them on Mercari.

Adjusting the balance of the vacuum gauge will make you happy.

If you do not balance the multi vacuum gauge, you will be in trouble.
Even though I thought I was in perfect sync, something wasn't right.
The needle that synchronizes the carburetor is perfectly aligned, but something is wrong.
This situation arises.
It is unlikely that anyone would adjust the gauge if it is broken.
However, there are many people who synchronize their carburetors without realizing that the gauges are out of order.
If you are not aware of this, you will be very unhappy.
While I was working at the same time, I noticed that the needle of the multi-vacuum gauge was out of balance.
At first, I felt that the engine speed was retuning to normal even though the synchronization was complete.
There was a case where the needles of each vacuum gauge were unbalanced, but the gauges returned very well.
When I borrowed a vacuum gauge from a friend and re-synchronized the carburetor, the results were sometimes better than with my own vacuum gauge.
I tracked it down to see if something was wrong.
I noticed that the meter needle was out of balance.
If you feel something is wrong, be a little suspicious and investigate.
It is important to double check whether your answer is really correct.

Adjust the balance of the multi-vacuum gauge【summary】

Some people may not know that the vacuum gauge needs to be balanced.
I didn't know.
Nowadays, adjusting the balance of the vacuum gauge is a matter of course for me.
When you get excited and synchronize the carburetor, you should definitely adjust the balance.
By the way, the reason why I use 6 vacuum gauges instead of 4 vacuum gauges is as follows.
When I work outside, I want to finish before the noise gets too loud, so I use 6 sets to get the job done quickly. As expected, it is difficult to carry a fan. It will not become impossible to run due to synchronization.
If things get too noisy, we take measures such as starting over the next day.
Balancing the vacuum gauge is a very important task.
Please keep this in mind as this is a pitfall in FCR synchronization work.
See you again!
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