FCR Tuning-Test Run-Adjust AS-22/09/29

HONDA CBX-FCR air screw adjustment FCR
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FCR Tuning-Test Run-Adjust AS-22/09/29

We will be doing a test run on the Platto mountain road from 5pm. I changed the SJ the other day, so I'll be adjusting the AS, PS, and idling, and the next day I'll check the startability when it's cold.
Since the SJ is being changed from 42 to 40, the plan is to open and close AS and PS about half a turn.

[SJ42 screw]
AS-2.00 minutes return
PS-2.30 minutes return

[BITO initial value screw]
AS-1.30 minutes return
PS-1.45 minutes return

[SJ40 screw]
AS-1.30 minutes return
PS-2.15 minutes return

The tuning at the time of shipment from BITO is used as a reference.
Or rather, it's the only choice JN can make.
Is it because I like deep tuning, or is it because of individual differences between machines that it becomes richer?
The PS is a little heavy, but the tuning is close to the range of influence in the tuning manual when changing the SJ.
I can't say much because I haven't used the expressway or driven in various ways for a long time.
The screws are probably within the proper range as originally intended.
I haven't noticed any particular changes in ride comfort, but I'm satisfied because I can now return the AS air screw a little.

Improvements after test run

I would like to check the synchronization again.
It's probably fine as is.
When I checked the #1 and #6 carburetors with a vacuum gauge, there was a misalignment.
I'll try again.
This was caused by adjusting the idling.
It's not too far behind.
Adjust the throttle wire play to be less than the current one.
I prefer strong throttle return.
I feel like the recovery is a little weak right now.
Making these small adjustments will make the motorcycle much easier to ride.
Take your time and make small adjustments.

Photo of air screw adjustment

When adjusting the air screw, I often remove the funnel before driving.
I'm looking at low throttle openings, about 1/4 of the way. Even so, 1/4 throttle opening will give you a lot of speed on a regular road...
I use the same return for all CBX AS.
Repeat test runs to find the throttle opening that makes the ride uncomfortable.
I'll do a test run and tighten it little by little.
The decision was made after several test runs.
Then, the next day, I confirmed that the PS starts cold and finished adjusting the screws.

For FCR beginners – It is better to attach a filter in principle

If you have never disassembled an engine or disassembled an FCR, it is better to install a filter.
People who can frequently assemble and disassemble engines are not eligible.
If the engine goes bad, you can disassemble it for maintenance.
Enjoy the best engine speed without worrying about engine malfunction.
As for whether the tuning will change if you install a filter, I will answer based on my Ram Air.
In my opinion, it doesn't change.
Funnel specifications are better for blowing up.
There are no changes that would require a tuning change in street spec.
There is no need to change the tuning whether or not oil is applied to the ram air.
I think it is essential to apply oil to the ram air to extend the life of the ram air.
The filter gets dirty with oil. It doesn't bother you once you get used to it.
Even if I go to the circuit, I'll probably run with the ram air version.
This is an area that I am not familiar with, but there is no need to stick to funnel specifications except for racing use.
There is no need to be particular about it.

I was curious, so I adjusted the angle of the side mirror.

I'll make adjustments as soon as possible if I notice anything that bothers me when driving outside of FCR.
Retighten the cowl mount bolts and adjust the side mirrors outward.
It doesn't take much time, but I want to make sure I don't put it off until later.

FCR Tuning-Test Run-Adjust AS-22/09/29【summary】

This time, I divided it into small portions and changed the SJ.
It is best to compare over a short period of time as much as possible.
The purpose is to readjust the screw rather than tuning.
We are currently splitting the work up over multiple days.
This time, the injection timing of the accelerator pump has also been changed.
I delayed it. As I play around with FCR, I keep discovering new things, so I'm really enjoying it.
Next time, I'd like to try synchronizing again and then do a slightly longer test run.
I will write about the status of FCR tuning on my blog.
I hope you all have a wonderful FCR life.
See you again!
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