FCR-Synchronous screw nut limits and SEP bearing guide

FCR-synchronization screw and synchronization nut FCR
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FCR-Synchronous screw nut limits and SEP bearing guide

The article says there are limits, but the article is not saying that there are limits to synchronization, but rather that if you synchronize several times, you will reach the limit of the adjustment range, so you will need to reset it. This will be a blog post. This is a story that people who don't have anything to do don't have anything to do, so please read it quickly.

Photos of synchronous nuts and synchronous screws

I think you should actually look at the side, but I make adjustments so that the synchronization nut's thread is hidden. You can also adjust the initial value with the idle stop screw. Align the heights of the throttle valves so that the engine intake is the same. With both the synchronization screw and synchronization nut fixed,
The height is clearly determined. It is not possible to adjust only one side. The synchronization nut is not a locking nut. This time, we have reached the limit of what we can adjust regarding synchronization, so
Align the starting positions of the left and right throttle stop screws with a taper gauge, and then adjust the height of the two-pronged throttle wire when it is fully open.
I started the synchronization work after aligning all 6 cylinders with the synchronization nuts in their proper positions. There are cases where it is difficult to achieve perfection as there are various factors involved, but it is relatively easy.
We were able to synchronize to an OK level.

SEP bearing guide

As I wrote in a previous article, the beige plastic parts
SEP bearing guide. It is said to be FCR's fatal weakness.
This item prevents wear and tear on the body. There are two types of FCR: small body and big body.
CBX is FCR33 pie and small body. It becomes a big body from 35 pie.
Since this article is published in Japan, there is a high possibility that it is not sold overseas.

Past articles
FCR-Install SEP bearing guide on CBX!

FCR-Install SEP bearing guide on CBX!
The CBX FCR has been used for about 20 years. In terms of mileage, I have used it less than 10,000 km, and I use it while replacing rubber parts, packing, float valves, etc.
Official page (Japanese website opens.)
FCR専用SEPベアリングガイドの自社内における開発・制作を行いました。 (実用新案登録準備中) 2019/10月からの消費税増税に伴い、価格改定を致しました。 ラージ&スモール両方が欲しい場合は、お手数ですがそれぞれのカートで ご購入の手
This product is not a part that can be easily purchased online, but is a part sold by volunteers. This is a type of product that you apply for via email directly from the official page and then make a transfer to purchase. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. I'm sure those who get a good response will continue to create it for a long time. If you have not yet installed it, please do so. It's a little more expensive, but it's better than having the FCR body wear out and reach the end of its lifespan. It's a much better value.

SEP bearing guide review

There are parts that require bearings to be installed and various other parts to be replaced. The installation itself
Although it looks difficult, it is not. If you don't have the tools on hand, you can buy them at 100 yen shops etc.
Needs addition.
Regarding the usability, I didn't feel anything.
I think that if you don't feel anything, it's probably because the accuracy is so high that you don't feel anything.
I feel like my movements have become smoother, but on the contrary, I feel like I have some negative movements.
I don't feel anything at all. I don't feel any defects such as snagging or deterioration.
This is an item that I really want to sell for a long time.
As for durability and strength, it's unclear to me at the moment.
I hope that the item is not that soft.

FCR – For Beginners – Should I install a SEP bearing guide?

It is also a repair part and a countermeasure part for body wear due to the up and down of the throttle valve.
There are, so it's better to equip it early.
Installation may not be suitable for those who want to try various carburetors such as single cylinders until they break.
However, the CBX FCR is a fairly expensive product, and since it has 6 cylinders, we want to avoid unnecessary troubles. In short, it seems better to think about it in terms of cost-effectiveness.
If I were riding an SR, I would not install a SEP bearing guide on the SR.
Either buy a new one or use TMR or Chinese FCR.
There is also the idea of installing the car from the new stage to prevent wear and tear on the body, so that it does not reduce the value of the asset when resold at auction.
Big rollers are another option for worn FCRs.
There are various options depending on each person's point of view.
I am writing this article as someone who has installed SEP bearing guides.
It should be helpful.
My personal opinion is that this is a product that FCR users should definitely install.

FCR-Synchronous screw nut limits and SEP bearing guide【summary】

If you feel that the SEP Bearing Guide is a great product, please buy it.
Regarding the FCR's synchronizing screw and nut, there was nothing new about it. Lastly, I would like to mention what I am concerned about with the recent cab synchronization work.
I check every time that the height of the throttle valve does not differ significantly when fully opened.
Even after adjusting the throttle play and return strength, the height of the throttle valve when fully open is extremely high.
There is something different. When the balance is adjusted overall, the synchronization may be slightly off on the vacuum gauge, but I try to ignore it.
Another thing I'm concerned about is the drop in rpm. If it's perfectly synchronized,
It probably goes back smoothly, but if it gets out of alignment, the rotation may not drop from around 2000 rpm. I try to make sure that the return of the engine speed is not extremely bad as an allowance for the synchronization being out of sync. It is dangerous to drive if the engine speed returns poorly.
The last thing I always look at is the throttle play and return speed.
I try to minimize the play and make the return speed as fast as possible without putting any strain on the wire.
I don't mind the fact that the throttle is a little heavy.
By reducing the free play too much, we prevent the throttle wire from becoming too tensioned when the steering wheel is moved during a turn. Although this article is text-based, I hope it will be of some use to FCR users.
Well then! See you again!
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