FCR-Install SEP bearing guide on CBX!

SEP bearing guide package FCR
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FCR-Install SEP bearing guide on CBX!

My FCR has been used for about 20 years. In terms of distance, I haven't used 10,000 km.
I use it while replacing rubber parts, valves, etc. whenever I feel like it.
Preface To give you a short introduction, this is a photo of the FCR relief product installed as the title suggests.

A Japanese website will open.

株式会社 共立工芸
FCR専用SEPベアリングガイドの自社内における開発・制作を行いました。 (実用新案登録準備中) 2019/10月からの消費税増税に伴い、価格改定を致しました。 ラージ&スモール両方が欲しい場合は、お手数ですがそれぞれのカートで ご購入の手
It seems that the representative originally made this product for himself, but I am not sure if it is amazing or how effective it is. I couldn't experience it. I feel like my movements have become smoother, but it may be a placebo. I don't know if the price is appropriate, but I like the idea behind the product. I've been thinking for a few years now that it would be a good idea to put it on before the body wears out. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. *I can't say anything because I haven't experienced it. . . At least until I install this product on the FCR, I wonder if the secondary air is sucking and the condition is not good? What happens if I change the lip seal? When you get stuck when tuning up, There were more parts that I suspected, but from now on I will be able to avoid doubts about body scraping. However, it will only be for a while. If you are reading this post, you probably know that you can use FCR's body weaknesses to sharpen the body. Due to the structure of FCR, once the body is damaged, there is no way to restore the condition with repaired parts. In that case, another method of using big rollers for slide valves has emerged. Rather than suppressing body scraping, this slide valve reuses the shaved body, It's an item that extends your life. When the FCR's body wears down and becomes unusable, it sucks in secondary air, making it difficult to return the accelerator, which is very dangerous. Currently, FCR, TMR, and CRS carburetors, which are mainstream in Japan, are in poor condition, and it has been pointed out that the FCR body has been shaved. This is the item that will be displayed. This is a little off-topic, but one of the weaknesses of the FCR is that the adjustment of the accelerator pump is ambiguous. TMR is the ultimate mechanical racing carburetor that is compatible with the above acceleration pump and body scraping. Considering the market share of the product, I will not purchase it. The first carburetor I installed is FCR. FCR also has a high value of tuning parts.
I don't have any photos of the car body this time, so I'll also post some photos of the skeleton.
Basically, it has nothing to do with this post, but I always remove the tank and seat and set up the FCR like this. The seat is placed on the seat without bolts, just locked with a hook. The tools are mainly for attaching and detaching [FCR] and are stored in a side bag.

Install SEP bearing guide on CBX!

Please see the photo for the tools needed.
I worked on it for about 3 hours. If you are used to it and know how to do it, it should take less than an hour and a half to make six pieces. It is better to push the pin in to remove it than to pull it out.
If you find the work difficult, ask a question on SNS such as FB or Twitter and someone will answer.
It is a popular product in Japan.
It would be sad if you destroy the floating valve while working.
I've driven about 1000km since the work was done, and I haven't had any particular problems.
It's not that FCR's movements have become difficult.
After that, I disassembled it and checked its operation.
FCR can remove the floating valve by removing the tuning screw and tuning nut.
After installation, negative pressure synchronization (cab synchronization) is required.
There is a screw in the thrust direction that is adjusted when the FCR is shipped, but there is no need to loosen it.
SEP bearing guide installation completed
SEP bearing guide installation completed
Before installing FCR body SEP bearing guide
Before installing FCR body SEP bearing guide
SEP bearing guide package
SEP bearing guide package
Photos of the package before and after installation.
I removed the throttle valve.
My FCR body has no scratches.
It has been scratched off in ways that are invisible to the naked eye.
Throttle valve SEP bearing guide in progress
Throttle valve SEP bearing guide in progress
Throttle valve SEP bearing guide in progress
Throttle valve SEP bearing guide in progress
Please refer to the photo as an example. This item may be difficult to supply. Copy products may be sold in China in the future.

Sample video of force adjustment

FCR-Install SEP bearing guide on CBX!【summary】

Thank you to Kyoritsu Kogei Co., Ltd.
It would be really helpful if you could provide products like this.
The delivery time is approximately six months after ordering, and please order the CBX in small size.
Also, this is a pattern of ordering mainly by email instead of using the payment form.
It's like making a reservation, but you can cancel at any time until you pay.
We are doing business based on our stance.
I almost had to cancel my order because the email I received after six months was lost.
There are currently three types to choose from in the racing carburetor industry: [FCR], [TMR], and [CRS].
In Japan, CBX carburetors can be purchased as [FCR] and [CRS].
The reason why a racing carburetor is installed on a CBX is due to trouble.
There may be an overflow or genuine carburetor parts may not be present.
Then purchase [FCR] or [CRS].
Which would you choose?
I'm FCR.
CRS has a classic feel. But if you like the classic atmosphere, overhaul the stock carburetor. In Japan, CBX CRS did not exist 10 years ago.
CBX's CRS became available for purchase in Japan around 2020.
It appears that they have been sold overseas for a long time.
The difference is whether the cylinder arrangement is straight or V-shaped.
In the near future, injection kits may become available for older motorcycles.
In the past, I was afraid of carb overflow.
Things will get better after switching to FCR! I thought.
If something is not working properly, it is best to overhaul the genuine negative pressure carburetor.
If you want great performance, install a racing carburetor.
If you choose FCR, please install [SEP Bearing Guide].
There is no need to worry about the FCR body being scratched.
Well then! See you again!
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