FCR-Changed SJ slow jet. 2022/04/15

CBX-FCR attachment/detachment FCR
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FCR-Changed SJ slow jet. 2022/04/15

Today I enjoyed the sense of acceleration of CBX. However, I couldn't run for even 30 minutes.
The current tunings emphasize acceleration.
I don't care about partials.
The slow jet is set in the rich direction.
I wanted to reverse the slow jet and make it leaner.
Tomorrow is a holiday. I wanted to check quickly.


Get rid of FCR

CBX-Seat attachment/detachment
CBX-Seat attachment/detachment
We will explain the installation and removal procedures.
This post is mainly about removing it.
My CBX allows the seat to be removed without tools.
The CB-F series is secured with screws.
I don't use screws. It is processed so that the sheet is placed on top of the collar.
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
Next is the tank. Remove with 12 spanners. There is 1 screw. I'm wondering if there is any way to quickly remove it. I haven't found a way to successfully remove it. My CBX has more wiring than other CBXs. There is wiring for the ETC, air-fuel ratio system, and 4-pole relay for on/off switches.
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
Remove the four accelerator wires.
There are two pulls and two returns.
It seems that some people don't have the return button, but I always use the return button.
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
Pingel - after installation
Pingel – after installation
It may look like you are placing it directly on the ground.
However, to prevent the tank from touching the ground directly, I use a rubber guard to prevent it from touching the ground directly.
If you replace the fuel cock with a Pingel, it cannot be placed directly on the ground.
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
CBX-Fuel tank attachment/detachment
The back of the fuel tank is also prevented from touching the ground directly. Protected by rubber.
pingel fuel cock
pingel fuel cock
A pingel cock 1/4 is attached.
The screw on the cock side is M18 with a 1.0 pitch, and the adapter is a Pingel genuine American-made plated one. I did a lot of research before I installed it, so please refer to it if you are interested. 3/8 cannot be used without processing. However, if you can modify it and use it, it is better to modify the mouth of the fuel cock so that you can use 3/8. The number of product lineups is different. You will also be able to use Golan's cook.
FCR carburetor just removed. Since it is an old type, I am using two sets of 3 pieces. There are also two accelerator pumps. The throttle cable will also be split into two. There are also two idle stop screws.
I have never felt any advantage to the old type. There are disadvantages. Adjusting the throttle wire takes time.
My FCR carburetor has an additional negative pressure outlet nipple. I added it to ensure better synchronization. I don't feel any suction of secondary air.
CBX-FCR attachment/detachment
CBX-FCR attachment/detachment
My CBX uses a funnel of 50mm. It is said that the longer it is, the more torque it feels at low rotations. I am installing a ram air filter. 50mm has more torque than 30mm.
CBX has a short pitch FCR carburetor.
The width of the funnel will be closer. You cannot install the ram air without cutting the side of the funnel.
CBX-FCR attachment/detachment
CBX-FCR attachment/detachment
Replace SJ.
I replaced SJ from 48 to 40.
The pilot screw bolt has been changed to a long type made by SUZUKI.
This is the knowledge I got from the internet.
・Long pilot screw
 SUZUKI 13279-29F00
 SUZUKI 13278-29F00
CBX-FCR-Slow Jet
CBX-FCR-Slow Jet
This is a replacement for SJ. Before installation, it is necessary to check the number and confirm that the hole is not clogged.
Please spray parts cleaner.
It is cheaper to buy jets as a set.

FCR-Changed SJ slow jet. 2022/04/15【summary】

Tomorrow I will do a test run of the CBX.
There is a reason why we changed SJ this time.
Even if you turn only one pilot screw of the CBX's FCR, does the idling change or is it significantly out of range? Is it a characteristic that we don't notice even though it is changing? It's because I don't know for sure. I've been changing the PS rotation speed for a while, but recently I've noticed that I touch the PS while the engine is running, so I can't seem to notice any changes even when I touch the PS while the engine is running. I will change the SJ to the extreme and try tuning it again while starting the engine.
It may be a placebo effect, but I thought the fuel would be enriched or diluted at the very low speeds of idling, and the AS would adjust the opening slightly above that. Is that way of thinking correct? I think it would be good to know if it's not correct. By the way, my senior driver who rides the Z said that tuning the PS changes the engine's tone, so I think there's a high possibility that I'm wrong. It's also possible that the carburetor is broken.
In order to compare, it is necessary to exchange opinions with other CBX owners.
However, there are no such owners nearby.
Please take a look at the next post.
See you again!
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