FCR fuel filter

Kijima-fuel filter FCR
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FCR fuel filter

This is a story about the fuel filter that I use for FCR.
I may write the same thing several times in the future.
I would like to introduce you to the fuel filter that I use.
Basically, most of the cases are actual cases at CBX.
In fact, I don't know what kind of case it would be with other motorcycles.
By the way, there are some scary stories.
Please be sure to read up to that point.

KIJIMA-Fuel filter for hose inner diameter 7.5-8mm

I use the following products.
This is a product that can be purchased in Japan.

Gasoline filter for hose inner diameter 7.5-8mm
1870 yen

ガソリンフィルター ホース内径7.5-8mm用 - キジマ公式オンラインショップ
Here's what I think I should have bought Gasoline filter brass for hose inner diameter 7.5-8mm 3300 yen
ガソリンフィルター ブラス ホース内径7.5-8mm用 - キジマ公式オンラインショップ
Never use Gasoline filter for hose inner diameter 6/8mm 770 yen
ガソリンフィルター ホース内径6/8mm用 - キジマ公式オンラインショップ
We'll explain why you shouldn't use it in the next section. I plan on never using it again.

Fuel filters you should never use

It is a filter paper type filter. This is a type of filter that has paper inside to filter out dirt.
This may be an example that only occurred with my CBX, but it should be helpful.
If you write the results too early, your fuel supply won't be able to keep up.
Although the fuel is blocked by the filter paper, there are cases where the engine runs out of fuel while idling. It may be due to the front and rear inclination of the motorcycle or the routing of the fuel line, but this will definitely slow down the fuel supply.
There were times when I had no symptoms. Maybe it was the end of the filter's lifespan.
Actually, I wanted to operate the filter paper so that if it got dirty, I would immediately throw it away and put in a new one.
After seeing the car running out of fuel while idling, I decided not to use it again.
I had just put it on, so it wasn't because it was so dirty that I had any symptoms.
There are many types such as magnetic filters and mesh type filters.

FCR fuel filter【summary】

The fuel filter is attached to the top of the cock, so it is an unnecessary part for those who think it is unnecessary.
It is difficult to maintain the filter inside by removing the cock frequently. . Having a filter in the fuel line not only prevents small particles from entering, but also allows you to monitor the fuel supply status. I use a mesh type fuel filter. The top of the pingel cock is also made of mesh.
Mesh filters allow small particles to pass through.
Where does that trash go? It can collect in the FCR chamber or get caught in the float valve, causing an overflow. Overflow can be fixed by shaking or tapping the carb.
By the way, you can roughly tell which carburetor out of the 6 cylinders is causing overflow.
Gasoline leaks from the air vent hose, so there are only two possible suspects. If it is durable, I would like to use a transparent fuel hose.
Actually, it might be okay to use it, but I don't currently use it.
Besides, the inner diameter of the CBX fuel hose is 8mm. The fuel cock is forced open/close by default, so
There is no need to worry about running out of fuel with the cook. I'm running out of fuel, so I'll go to Pingel!
If you think so, this is not a good idea when it comes to CBX.
It only has the effect of dressing up.
The disadvantage is that the pingel cock sticks out when the tank is attached or removed, so it is a little difficult to place it when you remove the fuel tank.

↓Article with fuel cock flow verification video↓

PINGEL cock flow comparison PINGEL1/4
I am using PINGEL4000-1/4. I don't know the model name, but I'm using a reserve type with an adapter. In rare cases, there are online shopping sites that have incorrect adapter descriptions or actual sizes. The comparison target is the CBX's genuine fuel cock, which is a forced open/close type fuel cock.
Although it is mainly text, there are some parts that you cannot see, so Garbage is scary, and the first time you encounter overflow, you're bound to panic. Even if it is not an overflow, problems with the fuel line can take time to verify. I hope you all have a fun FCR life as well. See you again!
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