Beautiful photos – at the motorcycle exhibition hall

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Beautiful photos – at the motorcycle exhibition hall

This photo was taken at the CBX storage location. This is a photo that is displayed in the exhibition area of the rental garage. Rental pits can also be used for a fee.
Parts with mirror finish and plated parts that receive fluorescent lighting and direct sunlight.
The parts painted in glossy black are beautifully reflective,
I'm very happy that it looks like it's new.
I have written a little explanation in the summary section.

CBX photo gallery

I like the front part of the CB1100F. Especially where the stabilizer is attached by default. The bolts are made to be silver. The inner part of the fork has been re-plated.
The air balance pipe is shaped like it is fixed to the triple tree, so it is difficult to stick out the fork. We also put a spacer at the bottom of the triple tree and a spacer at the bottom of the handle to prevent the handle from hitting the tank. The stock voltmeter has been removed and an air-fuel ratio meter has been installed. The reason is that it is easy to see while driving and I don't want to clutter the steering wheel or the area around the meter.
The voltmeter can be checked using a separate Yoshimura Tempmeter.

About rental garage

I use a rental garage for a fee. Since it is a rental, it is natural that there is a fee.
Leaving your bicycle in the parking lot of your apartment or condominium increases the risk of theft or mischief.
One of the reasons why we use rental garages is to avoid such unnecessary troubles.
Another point of rental garages is that they are kept in good condition.
It's completely indoors in a warehouse, so it's protected from rain and wind, and the temperature doesn't change much compared to a vehicle.
The more severe the management of musical instruments, the more expensive the garage will be.
If you want to maintain a beautiful motorcycle, you will also have to deal with rust and fading of the paint.
It is up to the rental garage to take care of these issues.
There are also disadvantages. In my case, I use a motorcycle shop's rental garage. This means that you cannot take in or take out the motorcycle shop outside of business hours.
If I want to leave early in the morning, I pull it up to my house the day before, and if I return late at night, I park it at my house and return it to the garage the next day.

Beautiful photos – at the motorcycle exhibition hall【summary】

When I didn't know much about motorcycles, I wanted to make the 35-inch front fork bigger!
That's what I was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to transplant the suspension from a high-performance motorcycle? Will it be faster?
That's what I was thinking. As I get older, I've come to think that balance is important when it comes to motorcycles.
And I was thinking that someday I would like to transplant the front part of the later model SC06 of the 39-inch CBX or the front part of the CB1100F. Since both are CB-F series, they can be installed with minor processing or bolt-on,
The reason is that it does not impair the balance of angle and length. CBX's later model SC06 is a type of front fork that does not have the TRAC function, which is often referred to as an anti-nose dive function. As you can see in the photo, the CB1100F has a front fork with anti-nose dive. Since it is mechanically controlled, the CB1100F is mechanical. The number of parts will increase accordingly. If you say it in a bad way, it will make you feel confused. I chose the CB1100F because I can accept the messiness that the manufacturer sells. This is the front fork that is also used in the complete CB-F series CB1100R.
The detailed specifications of the contents are different. It's starting to get messy, but unlike cars, motorcycles have an aesthetic that makes engines and small bolts look beautiful.
Even if it's a mess, it can't be hidden, so I painted it neatly and made it so that it doesn't feel unpleasant when I look at it.
We have taken care to paint it with a glossy black finish. The outer fork of the front fork was also matte black with a satin finish at first. I wanted to customize it as much as possible in the style of the time, so I'm currently satisfied with it.
Over time, Ohlins front forks and radial mount brake calipers, etc.
You may be tempted to include it, but think about it at that time.
In another 10 years, electronically controlled front forks and suspensions may become more commonplace as aftermarket parts. It is important to capture photos and videos of your motorcycle while it is running smoothly. I hope to be able to ride it for another 20 years.
See you again!
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