line on front fender

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line on front fender

My CBX has a repainted exterior.
Another set of original exterior is also available separately.
The repainted exterior was collected over a period of about 10 years and was originally in poor condition with dents and cracks.
I'm recycling and using things that aren't good.
The original exterior has some dimples and fading, but it is not rusty or rotten.
I don't know if the condition is good or bad. In fact, it is in rather good condition considering its age.
I ordered a separate line to be added when I repainted it and am currently doing so.
I also wanted to install the CBX400F cowl, so I had it painted as well.
By the way, the fender of SC06 has a round line.
Vehicles with lines added to earlier model models without cowls can be seen on Instagram overseas.
It looked really cool, so I used it as a reference.
I had plans to add a cowl.
I thought it would look neater if there were lines on each part.
In addition, the resin parts of each part have been changed to glossy black.
If you leave the resin parts as is, some of them will deteriorate over time and look unsatisfactory.
From the point of view of completely restoring it to its original state, it's not very good.
My theme is to ride a beautiful motorcycle.
Therefore, I have decided to paint the resin parts a glossy black color whenever possible.

Note – There are two types of early model lines.

CBX models [CB1] and [SC03] are available in three colors: [Red], [Black], and [Silver].
[Red], [Black]
The line colors are in the order of black, orange, and gold starting from the center.
The line colors are in the order of black, orange, and gold from the center.
The line on the outside of the tank and the line on the outside of the tail are from the ground.
The order is black and then red.
Please be careful not to get the wrong color when ordering your decal.

In addition, the caution sticker placed in the center of the tank is
Depending on the exporting country or model, it may or may not be attached by default.
I don't know the details, but at least my US model tank [CB1] only had the CBX logo and letters affixed as a caution, but no caution. It may not be the type to be pasted under the clear. The parts list number is probably 25.
HONDA CBX-Parts List-Tank Caution 25
HONDA CBX-Parts List-Tank Caution 25
HONDA CBX-US specification CB1 tank
HONDA CBX-US specification CB1 tank
This is an unprocessed model CB1 tank and parts list for verification purposes. The caution may have been removed, but at least it's not under the clear.

fender line image gallery

I'll also add a photo of the rounded version. We plan to replace the CBX400F cowl from time to time, so please don't worry too much about it. When you line them up like this, the motorcycles have beautiful round eyes. It would be cooler if there were lines on the front fender as well.

line on front fender【summary】

Whether or not there is a line on the front fender doesn't make it faster or slower, but it's a customization that I've wanted to try since I was young.
I want to be careful not to fade or get scratches. On the other hand, some owners choose to repaint their cars by erasing the lines, so
Lines and subtle colors are a matter of personal preference.
When the fundamentals of design collapse, it can feel strange.
When I try to attach the cowl to the CBX400F like this, I don't think the balance is bad since they were painted at the same time and the Hondas are grouped together, but it does feel a little strange.
I think the designers or engineers at CBX were probably thinking about a design that would make a round-eyed motorcycle look cool.
To my taste, the design with the cowl is not quite as cool as the design with round headlights.
However, it is very easy to drive with the cowl attached.
Should I remove the cowl on the CBX400F Integra or leave it on? We are currently considering various rules regarding when to put on and take off clothes. I am thinking that I will probably install and remove it at the change of season or during vehicle inspection.
I would like to try riding with the cowl attached a little more and find out any problems or bad parts.
See you again!
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