FCR-Drain bolt O-ring replacement

FCR-fuel leak after Maintenance
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FCR-Drain bolt O-ring replacement

Drain bolt O-ring replacement for FCR33 pie. Gasoline was leaking, so
I replaced it immediately. Based on the findings, I predicted that it was chamber packing, but
The symptoms did not improve even after replacing the chamber gasket, so I replaced the O-ring on the drain bolt.
It's fixed. I only have a short time to remain stationary, so if a problem occurs, I try to fix it at the important point.
If the O-ring of the drain bolt starts to leak gasoline, there is nothing you can do about it, so the only option is to replace it. If you're concerned about it, it's best to replace it without any questions or answers, as it will cause unnecessary anxiety.
It would be nice to be able to maintain the CBX slowly during the winter, but last year I spent a lot of time installing the cowl and working on the throttle, so I'm considering disassembling the FCR and overhauling it this year or next. I am.

FCR-Drain bolt O-ring-Part number etc.

The product number is 16075-935-0060.
This is common for both large and small sizes.
The size is
Outer diameter 18mm
Inner diameter 15mm
Thickness 1.5-7mm
Since we are actually measuring used items, there may be some errors.
In addition to the genuine product, it may be a generic product sold at various places, so if you know the size,
Maybe I can help somewhere.

work photos

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but gasoline is seeping from the tip of the FCR drain bolt.
All I had to do was change the O-ring on the drain bolt. By the way, gasoline leakage will not stop even if you tighten it tightly, and conversely, if the O-ring is normal, there will be no leakage even if you tighten the drain bolt loosely.
Since it is aluminum, a moderate amount of force is sufficient. By the way, the size is a 14 spanner.
I try not to carry it around except when changing MJ.
I carry a measuring cup with me to catch the gasoline that comes out of the chamber when I remove the drain bolt.

FCR-For Beginners-About O-rings and clips

In an emergency situation, O-rings and jet needle clips are available at home centers.
Of course, it is also oil resistant, so it can be used as a temporary measure. Since there is a high possibility of losing this part when replacing the jets, we recommend that you have a spare in advance. Also, we do not recommend replacing SJ on the go. There is a possibility of gasoline leaking or overflowing from the chamber packing, so we recommend replacing it in a place where there is an environment where it can be repaired even if it becomes immobile. Also, regarding MJ,
There is a slightly increased risk of overflow. Be aware of gasoline leaks and overflows,
Please replace it.
See previous article for overflow

FCR-How to fix overflow

Basically, if there is a sudden overflow while you are on the go, proceed on the assumption that the float valve is clogged with debris.
Shaking the carburetor, tapping it lightly, or removing the drain bolt and draining the gasoline may fix the issue, so please try the corrective measures that are appropriate for each motorcycle.
Overflow may occur suddenly, but when replacing the jet, check the overflow.
The risk will increase, so please be careful not to mix in small amounts of garbage.
Be very careful when installing the chamber gasket or when working with the FCR upside down.
It may be a good idea to shake or tap the float valve lightly to get it unstuck before installing it.

FCR-Drain bolt O-ring replacement【summary】

The O-ring on the drain bolt isn't that expensive, so if you notice it, replace it immediately.
It's okay to feel it. It is dangerous if gasoline leaks.
It also looks bad.
Unlike engine oil leaks, this is relatively easy to fix.
There is a risk of gasoline burning while driving.
If you are conscious about it, you may notice it right away and it may not become a big deal.
If the flame spreads and the carburetor and fuel tank melt, you're out.
I have no choice but to give up on my motorcycle and run away.
This article is quite pinpoint and limited, but if you know about it in advance, you may be able to foresee trouble. Please ride your motorcycle safely, being aware of gasoline leaks from the carburetor.
See you again!
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