Brembo CNC brake caliper installation

CBX-front wheel Maintenance
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Brembo CNC brake caliper installation

I installed Brembo brake calipers.
Write down the cost.

The brake caliper itself was expensive, but the accompanying parts were also quite expensive.
Brembo CNC Axial 2 Block Caliper Titanium Hard Anodized 40mm

About \100,000 x2 (left and right.)
Brembo CNC Axial 2 Block Caliper Hard Anodized New Crab 82mm

brake hose swegeline
4 in total, 3 in the front and 1 in the back

sunstar disc
¥100,000 for front left and right

front brake caliper support

floating kit in the back

Brake Master Corsa Corta

Including titanium bolts and stainless steel fittings.
Total ¥550,000

Labor charges are not included.
The work should cost 1 to 4 days at a motorcycle shop.

The brakes will be more effective. I feel like it's over-quality and has a dress-up aspect to it.

Brembo brake caliper terminology explained

Write down the term.
Please use this as a reference for riders who are planning to install Brembo on their CBX.
・CNC, casting
The material is CNC machined and cast with aluminum poured into it.
The piston is made of titanium, and the connecting bolts are also made of stainless steel or titanium, making it a luxury product.
・Hard anodized
It is a type of alumite. It is bronze-like, or rather, the color varies depending on the lot, so be careful.
・2 blocks, monoblock
Regarding the method of dividing the caliper, naturally monoblock calipers without division are more expensive.
・Axial mount, radial mount
How to install the brake caliper fixing bolt. Modern ones are radial mounts. Radial mount does not require caliper support. My CB is an axial mount, so a caliper support is required.
・Crab, new crab
The shape of Brembo's 2pot caliper. New crabs are naturally newer. Because it looks like a crab,
There is a tendency to call calipers with an installation pitch of 84mm this way.
・MGW Metal Gear Works
In Japan, if you want to touch CB-F series motorcycles, including CBX, you will use products from this shop.

*Japanese web page will open.

If you replace one part of an old motorcycle, there is a high probability that the associated parts will also need to be changed accordingly. Almost everything around the brakes will be replaced. The disc is a Sunstar full floating disc. The push and pull becomes incredibly light. I felt my CBX had a problem with the front brake. Brake-related bolts are made of titanium or stainless steel whenever possible, depending on the location.

Brembo brake caliper gallery

Before and after

It's on the front side. It's a completely different atmosphere, but the CBX has a design that is reminiscent of the 90s, so it may not feel that strange.

Brembo CNC brake caliper installation【summary】

This is the case with CBX. Fully open the throttle in normal mode. Brake effectiveness may be weak. There is no doubt that changing to special parts will improve the effectiveness of the brakes. If the rear brake is modernized, the disc size will be smaller, so the brake performance may decrease. I can't even lock it anymore. Performance is improved by being less likely to generate heat and being easier to control.
That's my opinion. If you are installing Brembo brake calipers, please use CNC rather than casting. This is a product that is often used as a genuine product. There is no upper limit for expensive items.
However, the CNC axial 2 block has very high specifications for the caliper shown in the catalog.
My favorite part is the front floating disc.
Pushing and pulling has become incredibly light, whereas it used to be heavy. This is a loss while driving.
Please think about driving the CBX, not just displaying it.
Well then! See you again!
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