Old folk house cafe Matsubaya in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture

Old folk house cafe Matsubaya's curry touring
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Old folk house cafe Matsubaya in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture

This is a story about touring in Japan. I hope you find this helpful as a reference when planning your course.
I think it is suitable for people who live in Hiroshima prefecture or Yamaguchi.
It starts from around the Hiroshima Kita Interchange in Asakita Ward, Hiroshima City.
The course is to visit three locations and then return home.

① It is a roadside station for resting.
Roadside Station Hikomi Gorge

②Please come for lunch. It looks like there are a lot of motorcycles, so it's a feast for the eyes.
Old folk house cafe Matsubaya

③The view is wonderful. You can also eat lunch there.
Roadside Station Yuuhi Park Misumi

I ran on a course like this.

Starting point – Asakita Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

We will meet at a nearby convenience store.
Both cars are normal, but they have a strange feeling that I don't understand. The CBX only has a cowl that doesn't walk, and the KAWASAKI Z1000J just has the headlight removed and a number attached to make it look like a circuit spec.

Roadside Station Hikomi Gorge

This is a place that people who go from Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture to Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture often stop by.
It might be a good idea to choose your route from here. I didn't take any particular photos.

Old folk house cafe Matsubaya

It became almost the main part of this tour.
I'm going for the first time. In fact, it seemed like it would be better if I was running, so I stopped by.
In my opinion, this is a store I would like to visit next time. With the Z1000J rider,
On rare occasions, I run with only a few or two cars, but I feel like I eat curry every time.
There was a group of riders from Yamaguchi Prefecture who were our previous customers, and they found the motorcycles to be of good quality.
The motorcycles I see in Yamaguchi Prefecture these days are expensive and of good quality, or rather, there are many motorcycles and riders who enjoy them as a hobby.
Hiroshima Prefecture has the impression that there are many riders who cause trouble.
Yamaguchi Prefecture looks much cooler from a distance. I have had a series of encounters with people from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and they are all about cool motorcycles and riders.

Roadside Station Yuuhi Park Misumi

This is a roadside station that feels a little old. A new roadside station has been built nearby, and although there are shops, the number of cars and motorcycles is small. However, the scenery is spectacular, so rather than just stopping by, it would be fun to use this as a destination and take photos of the surrounding area and scenery.

For touring beginners

Being fast is not great, so please don't try to force yourself to keep up with veterans or circuit riders. If you are unsure, be sure to equip an intercom so that you can communicate. Bring your own lunch and injuries! There is also a saying. In fact, if there is something you don't like, there is no problem in leaving immediately. Problems in human relationships won't kill you, but if you ride a motorcycle in a way that doesn't suit you, there's nothing to be gained, and an unfortunate outcome is sure to follow. Sometimes things are difficult to say. If you are touring with a group for the first time, please be sure to connect an income and add a lawyer special clause to your optional insurance.

About AS Uotani SP2-Dial

HONDA CBX - meter
HONDA CBX – meter
I'll write about it in summary, but I touched the Rev. CBX's tachometer is up to 11000. Red zone is 9500-10500-11000. Either [1] or [2] near the red zone, [6] or [7] near the end of the red zone, or [9] [A] at the meter limit.
In any case, I had the impression that the 9200 rpm of [0] was too low. The definition of running well varies from person to person, but how far should it go? How much power can you get? It is better to check it at least once if you have a chance. By the way, I set it to [6].
[0] 9200 [1] 9400 [2] 9600 [3] 9800 [4] 10000 [5] 10200 [6] 10400 [7] 10600
[8] 10800 [9] 11000 [A] 11200 [B] 11400 [C] 11600 [D] 11800 [E] 12000
[F] Limit off
It becomes.

Old folk house cafe Matsubaya in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture【summary】

This is not a summary of the old folk house cafe Matsubaya, but
Z1000J is somewhat well-known in the industry,
Even if you ride behind me, you still wonder how your motorcycle is doing. It was very helpful to compare. In other words, when you ride with a motorcycle of a similar model year, you can see how your motorcycle is doing.
It is easy to measure and necessary on a regular basis. Regarding acceleration in a straight line, if the other person can accelerate faster than the line drawn when you think this is enough, then is it your motorcycle's fault?
Am I riding wrong? Such will be considered. This time, I felt that the rev function of AS Uotani was a little too low. I slightly raised the upper limit of the rev function. The limit is set not by speed, but by engine revolutions. I don't know right away whether that's correct or not, and it may be a carb tuning, but it gives me an opportunity to think about it.
I also made the acceleration pump larger, but it might be a good idea to make it smaller.
At least the people I'm running with are famous professionals.
There is no doubt that the Z1000J is in good condition.
I also touch the motorcycle while thinking about various things.
See you again!
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