HONDA CBX-CBX400F Integra Cowl CBX
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The other day, on June 5, 2022, I drove a KAWASAKI Z1000J, and there were a lot of insects around the front, so I will clean it and put it in the rental garage. By the way, here is the article about the previous tour. I also wrote about Uotani's rev dial, so if you're interested, please make a note of it.

Touring! I went to Matsubaya!

This blog post is just a few photos, it's not a post with any content.
If you like reading material that is easy to read and read, please read to the end.

CBX cleaning

Basically, the less water you use when washing a motorcycle, the better. I dampened a rag with water to treat the insects, removed excess oil, applied barrier coat, waxed the plated parts,
I spray silicone spray on the solid items and lightly polish the mirror-finished items.
Since I clean often, I rarely spend time cleaning. Your motorcycle will look great if your wheels and chain are clean.

CBX-Gallery with cowl

This is the cowl of the CBX400F Integra, which you don't know when you will take it off. I want to take as many photos as possible now.

Motorcycle screen inspection

The screen is smoked. This is an aftermarket item and was purchased at an auction.
Will the meter visor be used by the inspector to determine whether or not it passes the vehicle inspection? It depends on whether you think of it as a screen. If it is perceived as a screen and the visibility is judged to be poor, it will be rejected.
Please note that if you have a sticker stuck on your vehicle, you may need to remove it during the vehicle inspection. It is better to have a place to put stickers so that they become memorable stickers. I try to put a sticker on the front side of the two halves of the rear fender.

CBX400F Integra cowl reputation

It has a very good reputation among people who like cowls. It also has a good reputation for people whose priority is running.
Some people think that there's something strange about the type of people who get in based on looks.
To be honest, I'm someone who gets into things based on looks, so rather than thinking it's weird, I think round eyes are cooler. However, motorcycles with cowls are easier to ride, and now I don't think it's uncool to have a cowl. It will remain in this state until the next vehicle inspection or long-term maintenance.


This time, rather than cleaning, I wanted to evacuate to the rental garage before it rains heavily during the rainy season.
This is the purpose. If you don't at least clean your motorcycle before bringing it in, it will cause trouble to other CBX owners, shops, and everyone riding the motorcycle. On the other hand, if you make it beautiful, the quality of the entire motorcycle industry will improve.
When the motorcycle industry grows, I feel happy too.
Large motorcycles are unnecessary for everyday life.
Do not cause discomfort to non-motorcyclists.
A person who does not ride a motorcycle,
It should be a role model that makes people want to ride a motorcycle for the first time.
I also want to be able to feel clean and cool even when I get off my motorcycle.
I try not to wear light clothing even if I'm going for a test run in my neighborhood when it's hot.
If it's hot, I wear a mesh jacket with a protector instead of a leather jacket.

When you clean your motorcycle,
Oil is leaking or
The connector is disconnected or
There are many things that can be helpful in terms of safety, such as noticing tire wear.
Do not wax tires or coat brake discs.
Please clean your motorcycle frequently.
See you again!
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