FCR Tuning – Test run after changing MJ main jet

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FCR Tuning – Test run after changing MJ main jet

I drove on the expressway.
Speaking of expressways, for those who regularly tune FCRs, there is only one thing to do.
Checking the MJ main jet and running at full throttle.
the other day

Changed to I wanted to run at full throttle to see if things were going well or not.
Writing the conclusion
"I feel like I'm getting better, but I don't know..."
That's the fall.
MJ is an important part, or rather, it is the key when racing with FCR installed.
The count is fine.
My feeling is,
I think that when changing from 128 to 125, the fuel will become leaner by about 0.3 in terms of air-fuel ratio.
It's natural that you don't know much about it, considering things like how to open the throttle and the temperature.
I learned from this run that if you feel that MJ is good, you don't need to touch it for the time being.
When changing MJ, if you want to affect the middle range from 1/2 throttle opening, you may want to change it frequently and see how it goes. You can feel the change by watching how the engine revs up.
It's easy to test drive.

Hiroshima Prefecture – Chugoku Expressway – At Hongo SA

If possible, do not disassemble the motorcycle in the service area.
There is a very high risk of the car becoming undriveable due to a defective O-ring.

During the MJ test drive, check each gear.

In terms of throttle opening, the range of MJ influence is from fully open to close to fully open.
CBX has up to 5 speeds.
Generally, the gears used for full throttle driving in CBX are 3, 4, and 5.
Looking at the feeling of acceleration when the tachometer reaches its limit in 3,
Looking at the feeling of acceleration when the tachometer reaches its limit at 4,
It's like looking at the feeling of acceleration when the tachometer reaches its limit at 5.
Growth is important for 5, but if you have the time to see how much speed is coming out,
You should take a look.
Generally speaking, if you can comfortably run at 4, you can also run comfortably at 5.

Precautions when wearing AS Uotani SP2

Please do so at your own risk.
If you want to check by driving with the throttle fully open, it is better to raise the rev limit to around 10,000.
You can't really feel the power when you turn it all the way to 9000.
It's like gear 5 can't be used. You end up in a situation where you use gear 5 only for fuel efficiency driving.

↓I explained the dial in a past article↓
AS Uotani SP2-Dial tunings

The purpose of a motorcycle varies from person to person.
For those who want to bring out more power, and for those who are introducing third-party products for durability and repairs,
There are various reasons.
In the case of I
Ignition timing [1]
Rev limit [A]
However, it is not broken.

For beginners to FCR – MJ main jet can be used to see the mid-range revving.

This section is written for beginners. Some people may find it difficult to drive at full throttle.
It can be replaced by checking the throttle opening to about 3/4.
Even if you do not perform a driving test for each gear, simple tuning can be done by simply judging the throttle opening from 1/2 or more to 3/4.
However, the biggest influence is the clip position of the JN jet needle. Once you have decided on the clip position, try changing MJ in various ways.
If your car is currently set to 130, you may be able to find a wonderful acceleration feeling by shifting it to 125 or 135.
In the case of my CBX, even if I run at full throttle with MJ at around 110, it doesn't seize up.
If you are concerned, we recommend equipping yourself with an air-fuel ratio meter. The numbers will tell you if something is wrong.
*My tuning method described in this section is not the correct method according to the tuning manual. However, it is useful when looking at changes.

FCR Tuning – Test run after changing MJ main jet【summary】

Lately I have a lot of opportunities to use the expressway.
When driving on the expressway, I feel like I can try the MJ's full throttle driving.
When using the expressway, change MJ in advance, etc.
Since this is a great opportunity, I would like to be able to enjoy driving.
I have seen very few changes to jets in expressway service areas.
This is because you will be in trouble if you are unable to drive.
As an example, even if you lose the bolt, you can still purchase it on public roads.
When working in a expressway service area, it is almost impossible to replenish parts.
I basically disassemble motorcycles on the expressway.
In my case, all I do is open and close the screw.
If disassembly work is unavoidable, it should be minimal disassembly.
There is also an increased risk of items falling.
There are many ways to tune your FCR on the expressway.
Please be careful of your vehicle even when tuning on roads other than expressways.
I hope you have a wonderful FCR life.
See you again!
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