CBX400F Integra cowl installation – leftover parts for naked

HONDA CBX - Naked parts Cowl
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CBX400F Integra cowl installation – leftover parts for naked

When I was cleaning up my room, I found some parts that had been kept.
These are the leftover parts from CBX's CBX400F Integra cowl specification.
It is a part for naked style.
This is my impression after seeing it for the first time in a while.
That's less.
It looks like there are a lot of bolts and nuts.
But almost never.
When you change the CBX to a naked style without a cowl, you will need a place to store the cowl set.
My room is full of CBX parts.
You have to think about how to store it.

CBX naked specification parts

There are four main types. All the accessories in the photo are included.
It is stored with the bolts and nuts attached.
① Headlight rim
②Headlight case
③Headlight stay
It seems that parts from other motorcycles can also be used.
Please note that each motorcycle may be similar but may be slightly different.

① Headlight rim

This is about motorcycles made in Japan.
It appears that there are two types of standards: one for Honda and one for Kawasaki.
I am not sure which category belongs to Suzuki or Yamaha.
This is not a discontinued part.
There are times when you think about motorcycle suitability.
If you're having trouble deciding which one to buy, headlights and rims are sold as a set.
If you choose the one for Honda at that time, you won't make a mistake.
The inner rim is not shown in the photo.
It is used when attaching the cowl.

②Headlight case

This is not a genuine product. My CBX uses a rebuilt product for CBX400F.
Its shape is almost the same.
I cut the back of it to make it easier to fit the wiring.
Since it wasn't waterproof, I prioritized fitting the wiring.
My CBX has low waterproof and security features.
We are responding at the storage location.

③Headlight stay

The CB-F series is probably common, including the CBX.
Since the triple tree lengths of CB1100F and CB1100R are different, the headlight stay may not be the same, but it is not a complicated part, so even if you purchase one with a different length or it is bent, you can somehow fix it. It can be fixed.


The early model horn of CBX is a little special. If you try to buy one in good condition, it will cost around 20,000 yen. Made by Mitsuba and used in various motorcycles.
It's expensive to buy at auction.
Even if it is not for CBX, it is also sold for other motorcycles.
When viewed from the front, it is characterized by 6 bolts.
At that time, such a heavy horn was not very convenient.
The CBX horn is part of the design.
When the CBX is in naked style, the horn is on, which makes it look cool.

CBX400F Integra cowl installation – leftover parts for naked【summary】

The important thing with these parts is how they are stored.
I put it in a cardboard box.
Be sure to close the lid and use a marker to write down what's inside.
Sometimes you can find parts that are more easily converted into cash at the bottom of the parts pile.
The stays I threw away the other day had dents and bends.
However, when sold at auction, it fetched a high price.
Some people are in trouble because they don't have things they don't need.
It is better not to throw it away easily.
I'm thinking about how to dispose of CB1100F's genuine springs and CBX's genuine discs.
Collecting and selling these parts is one of the joys of motorcycling.
Distributing them will be useful to someone in society.
Please make sure to store your parts carefully.
See you again!
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