A story about a user’s vehicle inspection – Speed meter failed 4 times

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A story about a user’s vehicle inspection – Speed meter failed 4 times

Vehicles in Japan must undergo a vehicle inspection.
I went for a user vehicle inspection for the first time in a while. I could have asked the motorcycle shop I usually leave it at, but they seemed busy, so I decided to go there myself.
Basically, I want to touch my own motorcycle myself.
I would like to write this first, but please note that I may have written incorrect information about vehicle inspections. Last time I went to a motorcycle shop, so it's been quite a while since I've been there.
We will list the features of user vehicle inspections along with their advantages and disadvantages.
You will receive change for 20,000 yen since there is no labor cost at the motorcycle shop.
It depends on your reservation at the vehicle inspection station, but we will take it right away and have it done on the same day.
Since you have to perform maintenance yourself, if a defect is pointed out at the vehicle inspection station, you may have to fix it on the spot.
・[I don't understand administrative procedures]
It can be stressful because you don't know how to write documents.
The user vehicle inspection window is prominently displayed.
We have staff who can assist you with your vehicle inspection.
・【Anxious about trouble】
You probably don't understand things like inspection records, re-inspections, and structural changes at first.
You can save time by researching this area in advance.
You can take the re-examination up to three times for 2,000 yen. Any structural changes will be noted on the inspection line and the width and height will be remeasured. This is different from a modification request.

I've listed it roughly above, but if you enthusiastically tell a motorcycle shop that you'd like to undergo a user inspection and ask for their cooperation, they'll do the basic maintenance for you, and you can easily learn how to do it and what to watch out for. teach. Please do not skimp on your money and ask for maintenance. There are motorcycle shops that take care of vehicle inspections, so you shouldn't get any unpleasant looks.

CBX vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection failed
Vehicle inspection failed
From the results. I received a total of 4 notices of non-conformity during the inspection, and passed the inspection on the 5th time. The first time was due to poor maintenance of the meter and misalignment of the optical axis.

Regarding the misalignment of the optical axis of the headlights

[About optical axis misalignment]
Next to the vehicle inspection area or on the premises, there is a facility called a tester shop that helps with vehicle inspection-specific maintenance. Motorcycle shops can provide consultation and maintenance on headlight brightness and orientation.
In my case, I had expected the brightness to be good, so I asked them to check it, and to have the optical axis adjusted since I couldn't match it. It would have cost 3,300 yen if you brought it in personally.
There are some concerns about the optical axis.
LED and multi-light reflectors and projectors.
Please consult a knowledgeable motorcycle shop in advance.
There is no problem if the product claims to be compatible with vehicle inspection.
If it is cheap, it is better to replace it with a headlight that is compatible with vehicle inspection in advance.

Speed meter

[Speed meter]
Since I hadn't adjusted it in advance, I got stuck quite a few times this time. Photography is prohibited inside the inspection area, so I cannot post detailed photos, but the measurement method involves placing the vehicle's wheels on rollers and telling the machine to drive at 40km/h by pressing the pedals. I adjusted the meter tension by using it in conjunction with a GPS speedometer, but the speedometer's response was poor, and when the machine was 40km/h, the CBX meter was showing 30km/h, so it was difficult to pass. The cause was zu. I passed the test by adjusting the needle on the feeling meter earlier and making adjustments for vehicle inspection.
Land Transport Bureau
Land Transport Bureau
Land Transport Bureau
Land Transport Bureau
Land Transport Bureau
Land Transport Bureau

Notes on user vehicle inspection

The reason why I had to be re-examined so many times was because the inspector stood by and looked closely at me.
There are some inspectors who act unreasonably, so I will also write things that are a bit more gray.
I shouldn't complain, but when testing the speedometer, I try to adjust it by releasing the foot pedal early based on my experience, but I was told that it was too early. Another cause was that the inspections were not designed for vehicles with older registrations, which resulted in unnecessarily strict inspections.
There is a sign at the inspection site asking those who wish to have their vehicle inspected to apply.
Without having to say anything in particular, if there are any motorcycle shops or motorcycle enthusiasts who seem easy to talk to, it would be a good idea to ask them. Basically, you inspect the inspection line yourself and stamp it with a machine.
There's nothing good about talking to the inspector.
HONDA CBX - Speed meter
HONDA CBX – Speed meter
HONDA CBX - Speed meter changed
HONDA CBX – Speed meter changed

A story about a user’s vehicle inspection – Speed meter failed 4 times【summary】

While I was waiting in line for the inspection, an inspector directed me to the inspection office to check my documents. After about 5 minutes of checking, when I came back, I was instructed to line up at the end of the line instead of continuing the test. Of course, the motorcycle was parked in a corner of the inspection line. It was unreasonable, so I asked the inspector to let me line up from where I left off, and he said it would be fine if the person behind me agreed, so I asked him to get the consent of the person behind him and let him line up. After lining up again, I was checked by another inspector instead of that inspector, and I passed the vehicle inspection easily.
This is probably due to the tunings of the speedometer inspection machine being too strict.
There were about three motorcycle shop staff who saw me lining up again and again and came over to give me some encouragement and advice.
The first thing to do is not to bring in a motorcycle shop with poor maintenance, but there is something unsettling about being subjected to unreasonably strict inspections. It would be good to pass the inspection even in such a state...
Another thing that didn't go well this time was that I had half-heartedly passed the user vehicle inspection about 10 times in the past.
There were some points where I was being naive. It's not best to do the maintenance yourself.
I should have asked the motorcycle shop I mentioned earlier for cooperation and consultation.
Since it's cheap, it takes a lot of time to reach the level where you can receive it yourself.
If you are interested in a challenge, I would like you to give it a try.
Well then! See you at the vehicle inspection station in two years!
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