Test run after installing HONDA CBX400F cowl – air screw adjustment

HONDA CBX-cosmetic bolt Cowl
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Test run after installing HONDA CBX400F cowl – air screw adjustment

I took a test run after installing the HONDA CBX400F cowl. This will be my second time.
I'm in great shape. I also wanted to set up FCR,
I haven't touched anything today except for touching AS.

FCR tuning

FCR current tunings
AS-0.55 minute return

JN is 2nd row from the top
AS is set back by 55 minutes on the clock.

Raise the idling stop screw a little,
I would like to try tuning the PS back a little.
I like rich MJ, so a slightly larger count might have been suitable.

FCR-air screw adjustment

I didn't do anything special, but I did some tunings.
This is because I only tightened and loosened the air screw for 5 minutes at a time while driving.
It's pretty late in the setup process that I make small adjustments to the air screw and pilot screw.
It's a very fun tuning because running is the main focus.
Regarding FCR, I feel like I'm touching it for the sake of knowledge, so I don't think it's bad in any of the conditions so far.
I am replacing the jets in search of better tunings. If you have set up many CBXs, you can get away with tuning them up to a certain level, but you will only know whether the current tunings are in good condition or in very good condition unless you repeat the tuning many times. I can't.
It's unclear how many people in Japan are tuning up FCR on CBX, and at least I don't see them in Hiroshima.
If you play around with FCR for a few more years, you might find the best tunings.

Points modified by cowl installation

The only thing that was modified from the previous day was the installation of a cowl.
Just installing the cowl would have been pointless disassembly, so I am making some modifications.
・Changed the mounting angle.
Should I say that I changed the offset? The headlights are angled slightly forward so that they are pointing slightly downwards.
・Installation of blind bolts.
There was a hole for the mirror in the cowl and a hole for mounting on the CBX400F Integra from the beginning, so
I closed it with a decorative bolt and put a lid on it with a rubber cap.
We are considering attaching a Honda sticker or emblem to the rubber cap, but this is still something we are considering.

Thoughts after the test run

It's been a while since I started working on it, so I'd like to get a feel for the FCR.
The main thing is to check the mounting strength of the cowl.
If you only touch FCR, you will miss your original purpose.
As expected, I feel like I'm in good shape when it comes to cornering.
Is it because the weight of the cowl puts the load on the front? Or is it the effect of the cowl's wind protection? Both?
I don't know for sure.
The feeling of running is very good.
Also, the blinker shaking is gone.
Rather than sandwiching the rubber, we created the frame based on the idea of changing the placement of the stays and fixing them firmly to prevent them from shaking.
The feeling of the cowl itself shaking, or rather the stay shaking, is the same as last time.

Photo after test run

Driving on the CBX is definitely fun. I stopped by the usual tuning course and took some photos.
I wish I could find more cool angles.

Photographed in front of home

We move between rental garages, home, and other locations while consulting with the weather and work content.
If the vehicle cannot be driven for a long time, we will rent a garage or other facility to carry out the work.
At home, I only do light work without making noise.

Test run after installing HONDA CBX400F cowl – air screw adjustment【summary】

I am attaching a grommet to the part of the cowl where the mirror attaches.
I'm thinking about adding some decorations to it.
Simple is best, so I guess it's better not to wear it.
Comparing the exterior to before the replacement, it has changed quite a bit, but at first glance it looks like it's going to look normal.
It's a beautiful motorcycle when seen by a woman who isn't interested in motorcycles!
I think it's best if you can say that. .
I will proceed with my original customization so that it will not be pointed out as an illegal modification.
Well then! See you again!
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