FCR-tuning JN-2022/04/22

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FCR-tuning JN-2022/04/22

Today I was concerned about the high idling from full throttle, so I made some adjustments and took a test drive to get it in sync. I'm satisfied with my current setup.
Look for a better tuning.
I tried replacing the JN to see if it would be better.
We perform FCR tuning work deep in the mountains.
You can easily take a test drive when you go and when you return. The engine is now warm, so it's a good time to check the tunings.
Anyway, if I'm interested, I'll touch FCR.



Changed to

Therefore, only the straight diameter will be changed.
My impression is that the response feeling has weakened, or rather the acceleration feeling has weakened.
It's too thin. I got carried away and was only paying attention to the air/fuel ratio meter.
The accelerator opening is up to about 1/2.
It stretches even in partial mode, and the air-fuel ratio is just under 12.5 in partial mode.
I'm interested from 1/8 to 1/4
It didn't feel right, so I decided to lower the clip.


It looked rich.
Time is up here.
I'll do a test run tomorrow and if there seems to be a positive change,
Let's lower the clip.
If it doesn't work
If it really doesn't work,
in the current climate
I would say that is the best.

For FCR beginners

Rather than making the JN-Jet needle's clip thicker or leaner,
The expression of how it blows up will change. The position of the clip is lean at the top and rich at the bottom.
It's better to choose based on feel, without worrying about the air/fuel ratio. Air fuel ratio is the second priority.
There are tapered and cut edges, but just changing the straight diameter will suffice with 2 to 3 sets. The problem is that it takes a long time to find those two sets...
You can have a lot of fun with JN just by changing the position of the clips. tunings can be made roughly by using SJ and MJ for low opening and full opening ranges, and frequently changing the clip position to bring AS to a position that gives a sense of power. If you buy JN all together, it will cost a lot of money, so
First of all, make it a priority to replace the clips frequently.
MJ also doesn't need to be touched at first. It is rare to open more than 3/4 on the street. You can roughly set the number of clip stages for AS and JN. If you want to try different things, you can enjoy just the right change in AS by replacing SJ.
What I want to say is, touch the AS and JN clip stages, then touch the SJ. You can make your FCR debut like this. AS may be aligned or may be used together.
You won't notice any changes even if you turn just one CBX, but there is a point where the rotational speed will increase if you turn it from 1 to 6 in 5 minute increments (5 minutes according to the clock hands). That area has a sense of power, so you can explore various things around that return position.

CBX-Photo Gallery

These are photos of FCR replacement work, a photo of the same timing, and a photo taken once with the center stand set up.
Since it's evening, the shadows stretch and it looks unintentionally pale, which doesn't look good.
Please note that the photos are rough because we mainly do synchronization and test runs.

FCR-tuning JN-2022/04/22【summary】

The back mountain is right next to my workplace, so I try to make time to check out the tunings if I'm curious about them.
By the way, it takes less than 15 minutes to change the JN clip position if I do it quickly.
If you don't take the time to do this, you could damage the motorcycle or lose something, so I often remove the tank before starting work. The synchronization isn't that bad, but I often attach a vacuum gauge to check rather than to match. If I'm invited, I'll run with someone, changing the environment and the way I run, and trying to have the mindset to notice various things. Tomorrow, I would like to try the clip position one step at a time. After testing the tunings, wash the motorcycle.
Well then! See you again!
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