Trouble installing generator rebuild

HONDA CBX-Generator Maintenance
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Trouble installing generator rebuild

It is said that older motorcycles often have problems with the electrical system, but there are also many problems with non-electrical systems.
There are generally many problems with the engine, meter electrical system, and clutch system.
It seems that as long as the engine oil is changed carefully and the engine is not driven recklessly, problems will not suddenly occur. Problems such as not charging, not charging, cells not tuning, and not knowing whether the sun is shining or not will not improve even if you ignore them, the cause is often unknown, and even if you try to replace parts, it will not be fixed. There are many cases where it does not exist or cannot be used.
This time I will post on my blog the troubles I encountered.
To put it simply, it no longer charges the battery.

The regulator is melted.

HONDA CBX-Regulator
HONDA CBX-Regulator
If the regulator coupler melts, it will also affect other electrical equipment such as the generator, drive recorder, and electronic equipment. Replace it immediately. You can quickly check whether the generator is working properly with a tester.
Details on how to measure can be found on other sites, so please check them out.
The important thing is to replace it immediately as other equipment will break. Please do this.
The regulator uses the electricity generated by the generator.
This is a machine that converts the excess amount into heat and flows the necessary amount as electric current. Since it is not a complicated mechanism, it can be borrowed from other motorcycles or used in various other types. There are some combinations with batteries, so you'll have to do a little research when installing it, but basically it's a part that just needs to be replaced.

Before replacing the generator

This is a part that generates electricity using the rotation of the engine. CBX is characterized by the position of the generator.
Even though it was replaced, it was removed and sent to a specialist for rebuilding. Basically, I would like to have a spare spare, but since I didn't have any, I decided to rebuild it.
In addition, Remotion, a Japanese CBX specialty motorcycle shop, sells it together with the regulator.
When I contacted Remotion to confirm, they were on backorder.
This time, I asked a factory that can rebuild it.
It's attached to the engine with 3 screws, and the cover is secured with 3 screws.
Also, the generator cover is lightly press-fitted with bearings, so
There is a trick to putting it on and taking it off; it's like removing the cover slowly with two flathead screwdrivers. Since the inside is a motor, the brushes need to be replaced about once every 20 years.
A new gasket is available. The rubber gasket was missing. It is not structured to cause severe oil leaks, nor is it designed to completely stop oil. Rather, I felt that the structure was a bit blurry. New seals can be ordered from Honda.
Please replace the seals in this part.
The rotating parts are like a clutch and are designed to allow oil to scatter, and are called plates A and B. This is a missing part, but there is a possibility that it can be used for some other parts.

In the case of my CBX, the problem candidate was the generator or regulator.
In fact, both situations are suspicious. And even if I replaced the brushes on the generator, the situation did not improve.
So, I purchased a new regulator and sent the generator to a rebuild factory. It was very difficult not being able to ride for a long time.

After replacing the generator.

The Generator was returned to me in about a month and a half. To be honest, I've been searching for various causes,
I replaced the battery, I replaced the brush, and I have to do the work of putting it on and taking it off myself.
I was making progress little by little, but the cause was completely wrong, or rather, the electrical system was all bad.
To be honest, I didn't really understand the situation. As expected, due to trouble with the regulator or generator,
I think it may have had a negative impact on everything nearby that was working properly.
I shrugged, wondering if this was an electrical monster. I was worried about the electrical system for about 2 years after things started to go bad. It was a failure to solve problem candidates in order.
In this case, the correct answer was to replace them all with new ones.
I polished and installed the generator cover.
However, after a few kilometers of the test run, it started to blow a lot of smoke.
I thought the engine was broken.
I cried.
Blows out a lot of white smoke.
The bolt of the generator that was sent for rebuild had fallen off and the generator was locked.
That caused Plate A and Plate B to blow smoke.
It wasn't sudden, it wasn't long after the parts were replaced, so it took me that long to discover the cause.
It didn't take long, but I added the additives right after changing the oil to a new one.
The expense was painful.
It's Sarayama's screw that secures the plate in place of the generator, but it wasn't put away at all. I took it in for a rebuild so I looked down on it.
It didn't seem like it would be useful to make a complaint, so I just retightened the bolts and the electrical trouble was over.

Trouble installing generator rebuild【summary】

I am convinced that it is better to repair the electrical system all at once.
This time I will summarize it in one post.
However, things had been in poor condition for several years.
I learned a lot from the mistakes made at the last Generator rebuild factory.
I learned that there are cases like this.
Well then! See you again!
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