Installing the cowl on CBX is not difficult.

CBX stay Cowl
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Installing the cowl on CBX is not difficult.

We received a question about installing a cowl on CBX.
I will write this blog post as a column.
Bikini cowls can be easily installed on almost any naked motorcycle.
This post is about frame mount cowls.
Attaching a frame mount cowl to CBX is a relatively difficult task.
The reason is that there is a stay that can be easily installed with bolt-on from the beginning.
You can install the late model stay of CBX as is.
The most important thing to worry about when installing a stay is its strength.
A normal stay can be installed without any modification.
There is no lack of strength in the stay.
There was no falling off even at 200km/h.
If there is a problem with the strength of the frame mount stay, there is no point in installing it.
When installing a homemade stay, you will not be able to achieve speed with peace of mind unless it is firmly fixed to the frame.
If you made it as a one-off, please attach the stay and carefully check whether there are any problems with the strength.
Next, we need to make improvements through repeated test runs.
In the case of CBX, there is a manufacturer's genuine and exclusive stay from the beginning.
It's easy to put on and take off.
The strength of it is high.
If it is made as a one-off, there may be no problems in the short term.
However, over a long period of time, vibration may cause cracks in the welded parts.
Considering that point, I am grateful for the existence of normal stays.

If you purchase a CBX, it might be a good idea to get an Integra cowl and stay.

I really wanted to install a cowl to increase speed.
However, the CBX has a cool naked style design.
Some people remove the cowl from later models to change the look to a naked style with round headlights.
Going one step further, the looks of the earlier model are so popular that some people change from a monoshock to a twin shock and install an earlier model on the exterior to completely change the look.
Overall, the later models with cowls have better performance as motorcycles. I also like the early naked style of CBX.
If you own the same motorcycle for a long time, there comes a time when you want to add a cowl to it.
Is it OK to use a handlebar-mounted bikini cowl in such a case? Whether you want to attach an upper cowl or full cowl to the frame mount depends on how complicated it is.
I really wanted to install a frame mount cowl because it was a bit complicated.
Having a stay and some parts will make your footwork easier when you want to take some action. On the other hand, if you are likely to take action if you hold the parts, it may be better not to hold the parts.

Most cowls can be attached as long as the stays are attached.

The first hurdle in attaching a cowl to a naked motorcycle is creating a stay.
On the other hand, the cowl itself is mostly made of resin.
It is also easy to perform processing such as drilling holes. Be careful not to make too many holes as it will look uncool.
Ducati's cowl and GPZ900R's cowl can also be installed.
I don't know if it will be cool.
Mounting the meter is also difficult.
However, if you have the will to wear it, it can be done.

What kind of cowl should you choose for CBX?

After spending about 4 years collecting late-model stays and cowls, I arrived at the current CBX upper cowl specification. I thought it would be cool to add the CB1100R exterior.
Currently I am installing a CBX400F Integra cowl.
I decided that if I attached a later model CBX cowl to an earlier model CBX, it would be too large and the balance would be poor. If you install a CB-F series exterior on your CBX, you probably won't feel any discomfort.
It will completely convert the exterior.
The modification is rejected because it would be a major modification.
There was also the option of a rocket cowl.
However, since it is a petite Integra cowl, I chose the CBX400F cowl.
If the initial design is good, adding additions will upset the balance.
Attaching the CBX400F cowl will slightly upset the balance.
This is a Honda cowl of a similar model year.
I can't say it's the best balance.
However, the result is a look that can't be said to be unbalanced.
After painting it, it felt less strange. There is some discomfort in the design.
Looks are not the first priority.
It is installed as a device necessary for driving.
If you choose a cowl that is popular, there are many types of repair parts.
GPZ900R cowls and rocket cowls are also highly versatile, making it easy to choose parts. The cowl for the CBX400F Integra is also not genuine from the manufacturer, but if you look for repair parts or paint stickers, you can get it.
It is also good to choose a cowl based on the share rate.

How much discomfort do you feel?

Image from Google search.
There's little discomfort with that.
The Honda cowl from this era was the CB1100F bikini cowl, which was not very cool. Even if you think it doesn't look cool, once your eyes get used to it, it won't feel weird.

Installing the cowl on CBX is not difficult.【summary】

In my opinion, a motorcycle is a vehicle that is both functional and beautiful.
The purpose of installing the cowl is to increase speed. The rate of change in coolness and looks also differs from person to person.
Not only CBX, but installing a cowl may increase the risk of it falling off.
Make sure to attach the cowl firmly.
On the other hand, you should avoid situations where you can't drive fast enough.
We hope you all enjoy your motorcycle life.
See you again!

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