The difficulty of FCR tuning changes depending on whether it is quick throttle or normal throttle.

HONDA CBX1000 - Quick Throttle FCR
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The difficulty of FCR tuning changes depending on whether it is quick throttle or normal throttle.

My CBX1000 previously had a very cool machined BITO throttle.
I used it for almost 20 years, but sold it when I changed to an active quick throttle.
One of the recent tuning themes for FCR is the feeling of acceleration when opening the throttle suddenly.
I wanted to enjoy full throttle riding without stress, so I changed to a quick throttle.
Immediately after changing to the quick throttle, it became difficult to ride.
I felt that my CBX1000 was not running well.
In this article, I will write about what I think are the differences between a quick throttle and a normal throttle.
I have posted before and after pictures in a previous article. I think it will be helpful.

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Difference between Quick throttle and normal throttle

To explain what the words mean, quick throttle is a throttle that has a shallow angle until the throttle is fully open. A normal throttle is a throttle that has a wider angle.
There are motorcycles that already have a normal throttle.
The CBX1000 is a motorcycle with a normal throttle. There is no definition that says this is a quick throttle from this angle, so we subjectively describe it as quick throttle.

Quick throttle makes it difficult to ride a motorcycle

Will it be harder to ride if I change from a normal throttle to a quick throttle?

I can only come up with a vague answer. It will be harder to ride depending on the use.

What is the appropriate throttle?

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Looking at this table, the appropriate throttle opening is 70 to 80 degrees.
Ducati's 1098 is 56 degrees.
My CBX1000 is also 56 degrees.
This is the same throttle opening as the Ducati 1098, which you can have fun with on the circuit the next day after buying it.
Comparing my CBX1000 to other motorcycles, I realized that this is too much.
The throttle opening on old motorcycles is set wide by default.

The reason I used quick throttle is to open the throttle fully with one throttle operation when using normal throttle.
It would have been fine if there had been a change in that part alone, but it ended up being a little difficult to handle.
Once you get used to it, it's not a big problem.
The appropriate throttle opening is about 70 degrees even when it's a bit quick throttle.
Another disadvantage is that the throttle becomes heavier.
This may not be considered a disadvantage.
You can deal with this by adjusting the return spring, etc.
FCR is an analog mechanism that is physically operated with the throttle wire.
It may be difficult to improve with just the spring.

Why is FCR tuning difficult with Quick throttle?

I wrote that it will be difficult to ride after the above.
Do you need to tune more severely?
Is it simply because your throttle work is sloppy and you need to improve your riding?
Or is it both?
Mostly both.
There is a reason why you need to tune the FCR more severely if you use quick throttle.
With FCR, the range of influence is intertwined with the slow jet, jet needle, and main jet from a low throttle opening.
When opening the throttle with a normal throttle, the range of influence is connected slowly, but
the range of influence connects quickly.
For this reason, if you use quick throttle, you will need to change the tuning to suit your riding.
The best way to deal with this is to use rich tuning or adjust with the accelerator pump.
When you use quick throttle, start by turning off the accelerator pump adjustment.
The great acceleration feeling when you twist the throttle is the best part of forced opening and closing carburetors such as FCR.
When tuning is rich, there is a throttle opening where the action of the accelerator pump is added.
In some cases, acceleration may be sluggish.
The acceleration pump has a simple mechanism as you can see by looking at the push rod, etc.
However, it is relatively easy to adjust.
Between a normal throttle and a quick throttle, tuning the quick throttle tends to be more difficult.

FCR for beginners – Smallest throttle space, strongest return

As the headline says, if you introduce FCR, you should definitely keep this in mind.
At first, you won't know what's good and what's bad.
FCR is characterized by a direct feel to throttle operation.
tuing the throttle space to 0mm is dangerous.
You can fully enjoy the greatness of FCR by reducing the throttle space and tuning the throttle return strength or speed as strong as possible.
There is also a limit to how strong the throttle return can be. Once you get used to it, adjust the strength to suit your riding style.

The difficulty of FCR tuning changes depending on whether it is quick throttle or normal throttle.【summary】

If you feel that the tuning is not working properly after changing the throttle, try tuning again.
If you feel that tuning is not working well even though you have not changed the throttle,
the throttle may be too quick.
It may not suit the characteristics of your motorcycle or your own riding style.
It is important to adjust the operability of your motorcycle to suit your own riding.
Adjust the throttle strength (throttle space) during the winter.
See you again!

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