Frame mount cowl installation cost – for CBX400F Integra installation

CBX400F Integra Cowl
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Frame mount cowl installation cost – for CBX400F Integra installation

A cowl for CB-F was on sale at auction. In addition, the cowl that was attached to the CBX was also exhibited. Just buying them is not the end. Please use this as a reference for what you need and what to do to install it.
Frame-mounted cowls are not just a DIY job that you can install after purchasing them.
After purchasing the cowl, it requires a lot of man-hours to process it.
It's very easy to just install it.
If you are purchasing a one-off cowl, you should buy it even if it costs more than 200,000 yen if you can install it with bolts.
General-purpose products can be purchased at a lower price.
I installed a frame-mounted upper cowl on my CBX at the beginning of this year.
I will explain the cost.
In my case, the total cost was less than 100,000 yen, but the cost was low because labor and processing costs were kept low, I produced it myself, and I was able to use my time slowly.

Detailed costs will be described.

Processing costs and purchasing costs will be listed separately.
Riders who want to take on the challenge will understand what they need.

Purchase costs

Even if I say the details, the cost for this item is about this amount.
・CBX400F Integra cowl junk purchase cost
15000 yen
・CBX late model stay
12000 yen
・Rebuild screen for CBX400F Integra cowl (new)
12000 yen
・Various auxiliary stays for attaching the cowl (purchased at home centers)
5000 Yen
・Various bolts and nuts (purchased at home centers or motorcycle supplies)
Purchased in bulk including rubber etc.
7000 yen

Total: 49,000 yen

processing cost

・Welding of the stay (small processing.)
10000 yen
・Repainting cost (complete exterior including tank etc.)
100000 yen
・Rental pit specifications
8000 yen
Total: 118,000 yen

grand total

Purchase cost: 49,000 yen
Processing cost: 118,000 yen
Total: 167,000 yen

The price for repainting the cowl is not known as it is included in the repainting of the entire exterior.
If you include modifications for the cowl alone, it's about 50,000 yen even at half price.
If you want to install a frame-mounted cowl in a beautiful condition, you will also need to repaint the entire exterior set.
If you are thinking of repainting a naked motorcycle, one way to think about it is to request a repaint assuming that you will be installing a cowl.
When purchasing a base cowl, if you are going to repaint it, the condition of the repaint doesn't really matter.
Damage such as cracks is a problem.
If you include the labor costs and the cost of creating the installation stay, it will be quite expensive. Roughly speaking, the labor cost is 40,000 yen x 120,000 yen for 3 days.
If you cannot use a general-purpose stay, the cost to create a one-off stay may cost more than 150,000 yen. It is realistic to purchase a general-purpose item and do some minor processing so that you can install it on your own vehicle. In the case of small-scale machining, the calculation is based on one welding location or the constraint time. The purchase cost of a general-purpose stay is about 50,000 yen.
As a realistic figure, if you ask a shop to do it for you, it will cost you about 170,000 yen plus labor and the cost of purchasing a general-purpose stay.
337,000 yen
This is a small estimate. Repainting costs and processing costs vary greatly depending on the shop. When it comes to motorcycles, the balance between demand and supply has been disrupted.
Since there is a high demand from those who request it, it will not be very cheap.
Processing and installation are items that you can do yourself.
You can either solve the part you can with money or solve it yourself.
At least as originally presented,
Total: 167,000 yen
Other than the extra cost of repainting, the accuracy is reasonable.
In addition, if there is no repaint and the stay can be purchased cheaply,
This means that you can attach a frame-mounted cowl to your motorcycle for about 67,000 yen.

Point where costs are divided

Installing a cowl or repainting is not an unusual custom, so
If you break down each item and get a quote, you will be able to submit a clear price.
It is best to avoid companies that give unclear answers.

A lot depends on how much it costs to repaint.
If it's going to cost a lot of money anyway, there are some fun things to think about, such as having it painted with original paint.
When it comes to repaint shops, there shouldn't be any vague answers such as not knowing how much it will cost.
It will be helpful to the craftsman if you are prepared to clearly communicate your intentions, such as illustrations or reference photos, before proceeding with the discussion.
You will also be asked to specify the color count in the catalog, purchase and select stickers, etc.

Is there a special product for the mounting stay? Can generic products be used? Is it a complete one-off?
The costs vary considerably here. Completely one-off stays have low durability,
There are many cases where there is a flaw somewhere. I can't help but think that it's something like that, rather than a problem with the manufacturer, as it's something that can't be tested very well. An example is a crack in a weld caused by vibration. It is possible that the cowl may crack even if it is not a weld. When doing a one-off, they will also explain the disadvantages of that area.

As for the labor costs, unless you use special equipment, it can be quite expensive.
It is better to proceed with the work assuming that minor processing is required. It is necessary to disassemble the headlights and meter area in a flashy manner. The cost will vary greatly depending on whether you do the work yourself or not.
As an amateur, I only need about 3 days to install and test the CBX.
For motorcycles with few examples, it may take longer. In addition to simply installing
It is also necessary to check whether it is in a condition to run properly and whether there is interference between various parts.
For example, there may be cases where it is necessary to create a one-off stay due to the tuning angle of the steering wheel or the installation of a meter.

The handle-mounted bikini cowl is easy.

It may be difficult to actually install a frame mount cowl.
However, when installing a handlebar mount cowl, the difficulty level decreases considerably.
And when the cowl is attached with a frame mount, it can be assumed that labor and rework may be required to remove it.
Based on the information above, if you want to easily install a cowl, a handlebar mount cowl is also an option.
The disadvantage of the handlebar mount is that it is difficult to attach a large cowl.

It’s important to produce yourself

The most expensive method is to have the custom shop make suggestions and the owner to decide whether they are good or bad. When it comes to creative fields, there are costs associated with production.
This is an item that is difficult for shops to charge for, such as not paying for what was considered for them.
There are cases where the labor charge is high or the work is refused if the work is done in response to an ambiguous request.
When doing highly original repainting or working on a motorcycle that normally does not have a cowl installed, it is important to clearly state what you want done by drawing an illustration before proceeding with the work.
By the way, the lines on my CBX cowl are original.
The shape of the cowl has also been changed.
I drew an illustration and asked a repaint shop to do it.
I proceeded by drawing an illustration. We didn't decide on the location of the turn signals haphazardly; instead, we added stays and installed them in the locations we had originally planned.
The mounting position of the CB-F series turn signal is around the left and right side of the oil cooler.

Frame mount cowl installation cost – for CBX400F Integra installation【summary】

I wrote down the expenses again and wrote down various things while organizing my thoughts.
I thought it would be quite expensive to ask a shop to customize a motorcycle.
If you ask a custom shop to do all the installation of the frame mount cowl, including repainting, it will be cheap for about 300,000 yen.
Of course, if it costs up to 500,000 yen, it's a reasonable expense.
In my case, rather than installing a cowl, I repainted the entire exterior and installed a cowl, which cost about 167,000 yen. There are cases where old cowls are put up for sale at auctions.
If you are considering repurposing, I would be happy to assist you in terms of costs and processing.

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Photos related to cowl installation and processing

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