Jet needle clip change 22/05/18

To calibrate the vacuum gauge, press the rotating shaft of the needle. FCR
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Jet needle clip change 22/05/18

Hello everyone who is tuning up CBX FCR!
This is a blog post where I just changed the jet needle clip.
I'd like to try changing the taper, but I can't get the jets aligned right away, so
Work will be done with F taper only.
I was concerned about the rise of about 1/2, so
Changed the number of clip stages.

I was planning to touch AS a little bit from time to time.

As a plan
Number of clip stages





It was planned for
It was great to replace it with
Replace SJ,
I will try changing it to open AS a little wider.
As for the direction
I'm going to use a 90FTS jet needle.


AS-0.50 minute
PS1.15 minutes


AS-0.45 minute 
PS1.15 minutes

And that's it for today.
It feels good to run.

as a target value
PS1.15 minutes
AS1.30 minutes
I want to change the SJ step by step to 50 and 52.

FCR-for beginners

I write about introducing an air-fuel ratio meter every time, so this time it's a different topic.
It is better to minimize the number of hex wrenches and tools, and prioritize time even if the size is the same.
hex wrench is
3mm long and round on one side
Two 4mm lengths, one short and one long. One side is round.
The short is used only to remove the funnel.
I try not to carry any tools other than those used for tuning.
Some sets of hex wrenches come with holders.
I basically don't use anything other than 3mm and 4mm.
I try to only have 3 bottles because I don't want to waste time looking for them because I have so many. After that, I pack it in my backpack and set it up in a remote mountain area.
I used to use 4 vacuum gauges in the past, but now I have 6 vacuum gauges.
Be sure to proofread before starting work. It's a waste of time to replace it,
If you are working outside, it may not be possible to provide a fan.
It's a race against time.

Photo of tools used for FCR tuning

Add a caption to the photo.
The vacuum gauge uses two 4-gauge units to create a 6-gauge specification.

I made the calibration syringe by purchasing parts at a hardware store and putting them together.

Radio pliers are essential for changing JN clips, and are very convenient for pinching screws while they are still attached to the car body.

A spanner is always required for adjusting the accelerator wire. You can use only 8 and 10, but I use 12 for attaching and detaching the tank.

The spanner for MJ is 6.

The spanner for the synchronization screw is 7mm, and I carry it with me as a set with a flathead screwdriver.

Ram Air gets sticky with oil, so I keep a bag for storing it and gloves for removing it in my backpack.

There seems to be a rubber tube for removing the JN, but somehow the cover for the bullet had fallen off, so I've been using it as is.

It would probably be better to hang the vacuum gauge, but I use it parallel to the car body.
There are no problems for the time being.

I keep most of it in my backpack, and I try to keep tools that can be used for things other than FCR in a side bag. I'm not pushing myself to the limit, but I'm conscious of improving work efficiency.
I also store it at home so it fits in one backpack, so I can take it out and go for a run.

Jet needle clip change 22/05/18【summary】

From now on, even though it's going to get hot towards the summer, I'm trying to try SJ in a stronger way,
Until now, I had set it to a light tuning.
I have the impression that SJ can be tuned by adjusting PS and AS.
Many blogs say that an AS of 1.5 is best.
In terms of the balance of the FCR cab, it is just right for AS to fit within that range.
Even when I set the SJ to 35 and set the AS back by 0.10 minutes, it idled fine and ran well.
*I don't know if it's good or bad, but I haven't had any problems.
Affect around 1/4, make JN extremely rich, or make ends meet somewhere.
This will be the tuning. My goal is not to find the ultimate tuning or be able to do the ultimate tuning.
My goal is to ride the motorcycle in good condition, so once I've filled it up to a certain point, I'll just use the screwdriver to make ends meet.
The tuning is also fine.
When doing OH or tuning yourself, it is better to avoid funnel specifications.
I only take it off when I touch the AS, and other than that I use the ram air.
I'm using ram air with oil, but it doesn't affect the tunings, at least for street use. Also, since we live in the age of smartphones, it is necessary to keep notes of the tunings.
I hope you all enjoy tuning up CBX's FCR.
See you again!
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